F1 Car Maintainence

March 30, 2007

Not having left far behind, the chief manager of transport operation Mr DasItGear shareiff announced that they would be bidding for the vehicle maintainence for the Forumla One for 4 seasons – mostly for Farrari . Salient points of speech follows: Read the rest of this entry »


March 29, 2007


Dose beka dose? Hit Vidhyarthi Bhavan. What Shtyle of holding plates… Am off for one.
Pic Courtesy : Deccan Herald – 29 March 2007

Chronicles – House Hunting

March 29, 2007

Having lived in our house for near 20 odd years, the marriage magic made me go in persuite of a new house. Initially I wanted to buy a bigger house so that we could live in it comfortably. Nobody foresaw the requirements for a Washing machine, Various killer applications like mixie, Grinder and off course our beloved car and bike! Read the rest of this entry »

F1 Track Maintainence

March 28, 2007

In a latest reported move, BBMP (Big Better Money Pelifirage)  has decided to bid for the track maintainence of the formula 1 racing tracks being outsourced by Italy and Malaysia. Here is the extracts of speech from esteemed comissionar Mr JoyrideRaj Read the rest of this entry »

Cool Sri Rama Navami Celebrations!!!

March 27, 2007


Lord Sri Rama has switched from panaka to a cool drink – what with Bangalore experiencing 39.6 C on 25th March 2007?

So this should answer yella OK cool drink yake question I suppose!!!

Picture courtesy : Deccan Herald – 27 March 2007

KaraneNidhi and Ravi services

March 27, 2007

Just imagine our dear Karanenidhi has dolled out 1000 crores worth of tax payers money for releasing free TV’s to all villagers ( votebanks). Following this roaring successe’s, we suggest these next election manifesto for the same party. Viewers err readers kindly addon: Read the rest of this entry »

Chronicles – Cinderella, the play

March 23, 2007

While yours truely was studying in the 3rd standard – we had very few outings as a gang. One of such rare opportunities that came our way was the play cinderella hosted in the cubbon park- bala bhavan. Miss shyamala had announced that everybody should bring 1Rupees as enterence and transportation fee. Read the rest of this entry »