Laugh it out….. 23

April 29, 2008

Sardarji had just traveled to south india for the first time in his life. He arrived with a big bang to the kerala village where his elder daughter had fallen in love with the malayalee guy. He was there to hold talks regarding the future matrimonial alliance.

He was treated to a very good reception from the railway station. Except for the poor milk and curds he ate, he more than made up with for jackfruit. He was amazed at the wonderfull taste the fruit provided and was indulging into the same non stop.

On that humid afernoon when every body was talking with his parents, wife, he slipped out of the house in the backyard. He had been seeing this damned big jackfruit which he wanted to eat. The elders in house had said ‘wait till they are ripe’. Not wanting to wait anymore, he started climbing up the tree. Wahe guru he exclaimed when he reached the top without problem and using the blade he was having with him, managed to cut the jackfruit.

Only now the sardar singhji realized his problem. He had somehow climbed the tree but could not get down from there. After perspiring for minutes, he called out for his wife. More so due to the push of the jackfruit, all people ran out of the house and were amazed to see sardar on top of the tree.

After some hectic punjabi to malayalam translation did the youngster of the house offer a solution. He pulled out the big fishing net and tied it to the basement of the trees and asked sardar to close his eyes and jump.

Sardar prayed to all gurus and took the jump. Down he came and the force of jump just catapulted him back to the tree.

This repated 2 more times when sardarini had a bright flash.

She just brought out the can of fevicol kept under the cot and spread it neat and thin on the net and asked the sardar to jump for sure this time.

Down jumped the sardar, the glue struck to his pajama but the force pushed him back to the tree minus the pajama…

( Finally the village elders tied up 2 ladders and got a trumbling sardarji down the tree with a gift of brand new dhothi for the alliance)