Elephant Leg!!


Notice some thing new here? The Elephant has lost a leg to landmine. Its not only humans but even animals suffer this fate.Here’s a story about a baby elephant named Motala who stepped on a landmine in 1999 while working at a logging camp. A group called Friends of the Asian Elephant near Bangkok has been caring for her since then. She has a new prosthesis now, and it’s helping her to walk.

Man proposes and animal suffers!


12 Responses to Elephant Leg!!

  1. greatunknown says:

    I watched a documentary on NatGeo in the wee hours today. It was about ‘Why elephants attack humans’. I pity the behemoths… we’ve pushed the gentle giants to the edge by usurping their land.

    Motala is one of the lucky few; what about the countless other elephants and animals who fall prey to poachers and the like in different parts of India?

  2. GreatunKnown,
    Yes – I forgot to mention veerappan and the ilk. It was shocking for me to see this photo itself! How animal can a man get?

  3. greatunknown says:

    I agree with you mohan. The forest is a less threatening place thanks to the elimination of that scoundrel Veerapan. But some people still believe that that fellow was in a way responsible for preserving the forest. How? because no illegal miners or poachers dared enter his territory!

  4. Greatunknown,
    Veerappan as a protector. Thats pure hogwash created by corrupt babus and netas. If he were to evade them from his territory, he simply killed those animals himself and sold it off. Net result is animal killing no protection.

  5. greatunknown says:

    Yup! You’re right there 100%

  6. Prashanth M says:

    Great work by Friends of the Asian Elephant…

  7. Cuckoo says:

    Thought provoking. Friends did the great job. Hope it spreads further.

  8. neel3 says:

    upakaara maadidavage apakarisuva kaala!!(Purandara dasaru in Satyavantarige idu kaalavalla–)

  9. praneshachar says:

    great work by friends of the asian elephant.
    let their tribe increase.
    as long as poachers and corrupt set up exists it is always
    a threat to wild life, as well as to society.

  10. Praneshachar, cuckoo, prashanth
    absolutely right. Hope they are able to take care of more elephants and interestingly the world cuts down on the evil mines. Recall that the india pakistan border is completely mined.

    Yes, man is the most destructive animal.

    Ultimately verappan alone killed and destroyed enough forests that a group of small time poachers would have destroyed!! Not to think of the money spent on STF etc…

  11. greatunknown says:

    Right again. If only we had the money spent on STF to spare, I’m sure the forests of south India could’ve gotten a new lease of life! I don’t care who killed Veerappan ā€” Karnataka or TN STF ā€” that dreadful fellow is dead, and that’s what matters.

  12. Greatunknown,
    Thanks for your comments. You are right!

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