Dose beka dose? Hit Vidhyarthi Bhavan. What Shtyle of holding plates… Am off for one.
Pic Courtesy : Deccan Herald – 29 March 2007


15 Responses to Dose!!

  1. Vijay says:

    I was there yesterday (Thursday) afternoon as well…

  2. Vijay says:

    …same waiter 🙂

  3. Vijay,
    Thanks for the dose comments 😉

  4. Prashanth M says:

    been a long time since I went there… 😦

  5. praneshachar says:

    yesterday nanu CTRnalli idde
    holding that plates like that relly
    an art they manage well with out any
    mishaps. we will not be able to hold
    even one plate at times.
    bayalli niru barutte photo nodi ashte

  6. M O H A N says:

    You have to renew your membership there soon 😉

    OK CTR fana sir?

  7. Vani says:

    Mohan, I like CTR Doses better…but South ge bandre obviously it is Vidyarthi….Nice Post, and I am hungry. 😦

  8. TSSM says:

    we don’t mind !!!
    even if all the plates fall into our table.

  9. Veena says:

    TSSM avare, en compititionaa ? hushaaru illi ghaTaanugaTigaLu iddaare.
    The only thing that I don’t like about all such place is the wait time & also eat time we get… 🙂 one is too long & other one is short.
    Well, I am yet to visit VB.. 🙂

  10. Veena,
    I agree with you – but once in a while it should be OK.

    TSSM sir,
    🙂 Good expectations

    Only one certified CTR dosa taster is among us 😉 Agreed.

  11. praneshachar says:

    fully agreed there is one fully certified ISO certifer committed to CTR!!!!!!
    waiting and all is OK as said once in a while it is worth
    even though I have visited CTR earlier but after this blog
    urge to visit is more whenever you go that side.
    see the humbleness of the owner still carrying in
    traditional style with old furniture etc., it remembers
    me the hotel in our places during our college days

  12. TSSM says:

    Veena avarige,

    competition illa, swalpa aase ashte. But aathara aadre, I am willing to share the spoils with others too.

    wait madodhralloo kushee ide alvaa?. You can rub your hands with glee when the waiter delivers your order. Only thing is that you should order double or triple at a time.
    Visit the VB soon. you may change your opinion about waiting…u!

    good expectations aeno sari but what about realisations….. uu ?

  13. M O H A N says:

    TSSM sir,
    Adanna explain maddokke agalla alwa !!! Only a couple of dose, preferabaly after fasting can explain the joy quotient !!

  14. Veena says:

    NoDoNa bidi.. Ghee is not so good for health anthaare doctoru… 🙂 VB bheTi yaavag bardidyo aagatte bidi 🙂 But definite aagi dose tinnovaaga nimmanna gnaapiskotheeni, bekaadre ondu dose order maadi TSSM ge antha biTTu bartheeni okay na…!?

    any takers for TSSM dose can accompany me on the day of my visit..

  15. TSSM says:

    when hubby is the doctor (is my assumption correct?),
    then why worry?

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