KaraneNidhi and Ravi services

Just imagine our dear Karanenidhi has dolled out 1000 crores worth of tax payers money for releasing free TV’s to all villagers ( votebanks). Following this roaring successe’s, we suggest these next election manifesto for the same party. Viewers err readers kindly addon:

  1. Free cable connection or better connect the Ravi services via sattilite (DTH) to every home. Since Ravi services are paid by tax payers money – people are happy and the family of KaraneNidhi is also happy due to free sales sans advertisement.
  2. Announce rural television servicing centres and train all uneducated youth. Further subsidize the bills on repair and service since the poor people can not pay them when ever it rains and spoils the TV set.
  3. People are advised to watch only informative programmes and not serials, movies. This otherwise would affect the bottom lines of KaraneNidhi production houses elsewhere ( Kanak pullai has allready found out movie losses are greater than TRP losses)
  4. All people having 1 colour set and taken the free set just for fancy need not return the same. This will be adjusted for the next year election manifesto. No upgrades are allowed.

3 Responses to KaraneNidhi and Ravi services

  1. bachodi says:

    As days go, luxury becomes necessity, So for the next election nothing less than Home theater system 😉

  2. neel3 says:

    Those who got TV sets this time will get DVD players/Plasma screens next time–depending on votes guaranteed per family.
    Also Opthalmologic consultancy free.(including dark glasses ) 😉

  3. Bachodi, Neel3
    Oops and thanks for that important things. May his party rule the state forever .

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