F1 Car Maintainence

Not having left far behind, the chief manager of transport operation Mr DasItGear shareiff announced that they would be bidding for the vehicle maintainence for the Forumla One for 4 seasons – mostly for Farrari . Salient points of speech follows:

BMTCy ( Bungled Mad Transport Corruption syndicate) does know a couple of things related to human packaging in limited space- just watch any bus, any time, any route.

We plan to introduce an assistant mechanic to sit behind the driver so that emergency repairs are done on the spot. It takes time for the crew to tow the car to pit on breakdowns – wastes precious time.

DasItGear further stated their track record of busses maintainence. Allways buses breakdown because of tyre puncture – even when there is engine trouble, the tyres are the first to groan – as they dont move. In F1 already the tyres get replaced for odd laps, breakdown is ruled out in F1.

He went another yard just like a BMTC bus near signal and said they have found the solution for Farrari group so that they could regain their top slot. The idea is to remove the brakes and introduce horns – Yes.

The BMTC drivers have demonstrated time and again on busy roads by ramming all vehicles coming in path despite heavy horns that they can win the race. There is allways a minister to issue statements and provide compensation. Its all about winning. Clearly Farrari is not understanding this.

When somebody in the crowd pointed out how the Farrari car is expected to stop without brakes, DasItGear smiled his tobacco browns and said – what do you think the expensive road shoulders are far? The man who questioned threw away his free bus pass and fainted.

DasItGear said they would further speed up the chances of Farrari winning the race by their hi-technology invention. They would pour pure KingFisher into the tanks. In fact, originaly all BMTC buses were running effeciently on time using Brandy but the drivers found out this invention and were indulgining in a drink or two, replacing brandy with pure diesel due to which the corporation suffered losses.

The existing last chap too ran away after discovering how BMTC buses are maintained and public serviced!


6 Responses to F1 Car Maintainence

  1. shark says:

    F1 car maintainance by BMTC!!! the subject itself makes me laugh… ROTFL!!! :)))
    Hilarious post 🙂

  2. praneshachar says:

    nakku nakku sustaitu
    busy schedule naduve olle
    dose koditira thank you

  3. shark,praneshachar
    thanks for the comments. With outsourcing gaining popularity, these are some possible things!!

  4. neel3 says:

    Outsourcing and product cum service- divesification!!
    Bruhat progress by BMTC

  5. This is fantastic writing!!

  6. praneshachar says:

    I agree with outsourcing is order of the day
    definetley public services PSU’s etc., have great
    oportunities unfortunately most of them will not
    be able to meet the deadlines and delivery schedules
    which is a big hindrance. if as a team they live up
    and meet the dealines it is one of the great opportnuninites.

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