Just today the great petroleum ministry has decided that if you dont have ADHAR number, you dont deserve an LPG cylinder. There are many goods and evils in this decision as usual.

Normally distrubuters show fake customers and sell the cylinders at a price difference of 50 to 150 INR to other customers and this would bring an end to it. The problem is, genuine users would be forced into problems.

You go to go stand in the long line, get 10 finger prints, IRIS scan and after that you are not sure how safe your personal data is!!! Since its given to a 3rd party for implementation, we dont know if the data entry operator can cut a CD with 150 names of the street and sell it for 150 INR!! How safe are with with personal details falling into criminal hands?

Future is indeed network based but should have enough safeguards before jumping on to the bandwagon.

The ADHAR is a poison coated apple!!


2 Responses to ADHAR and LPG

  1. bumblebee says:

    sorry but i didn’t get ur point!

  2. Howrserace says:

    I have been conducting research on this and i surf the web digging such write ups of information, and agree completely with the way this was express. this open my eye and give me idea to put it into quality writing.

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