Laugh it out – 1

There were two vendors selling Mangoes at the end of a road. One vendor was shouting 25 Rupees per Kilo, the other Vendor was shouting 30 Rupees per Kilo.

After some time, 2nd Vendor reduced to 23 Rupees a Kilo and 1st Vendor went down to 19 Rupees. The customes were delighed and waited like in stock market to pick the fruits of labour when the market bottoms out.

The 2nd vendor walked to the 1st vendor and told him “hey, this is not working out for both of us”. Lets do one thing. You sell at 25 Rupees Kilo while I sell at 55 Rs per Kilo. After some time all customer will buy out your stock. I will move all my stocks to you and at end of day lets split the collection.

Thats what happened and both the vendors got 32 Rupess per Kilo of Mango which they had purchased at 17 Rupees per kilo excluding the 0.50 Paisa transport cost per Kilo and 3 Rupees bribe to police.

Any moral of the story…?


14 Responses to Laugh it out – 1

  1. Moral of the story is if you are in the same business, gains are more when you are “with” your rival.

    And there’s no rival in any industry, when the “Demand is more than production”, which is the usual case. 😀

    Did I pass the test, sir?

  2. Veena says:

    MORAL – Men are so calculative 😉

  3. usha says:

    It must be story of last year

    Mango season innu bandilla….:D

  4. rk says:

    (in a lighter vein) Moral of the story:
    Standing at the end of the road and shouting is profitable!

  5. Vani says:

    I hope mango vendors are not reading this….nammana fleece maadakke oLLe idea kodtheediralla swamy? Copy Rights haaki idea ge.

  6. Srik,
    Operation success but patient died types!!!

    Hope Prashanth ( Dr anesthotologist ) does not hear this!

    Replace Mango with any object, its the same story. FMCG ke Jai.

    Middle of the road swalpa dangerous, but ee naduve cars footpath hatththa irovage end e better alwa?

    In fact they are downsizing the idea from some thing called cartels.

    My friend, businessman is the only one of the 7 authorized company for producing industrial cables for electricity boards in India. So, its a round robin league of corroption as all bid with equal rates and divide the tender between them.

    Am very happy that all the balaga friends commented for first time. Thanks all.

  7. praneshachar says:

    good one and tricks of trade
    these street vendors know how to dispose of
    their stocks particularly perishable by the
    end of the day
    FMCG ki jai mast masts mohan

  8. silkboard says:

    Moral of the story – if there is no MRP printed on the product, it is easier to cheat the customers!

  9. some body says:


    “MORAL – Men are so calculative ”

    please work on your comprehension. 🙂 i bet that vendor #2 is a woman. where is it mentioned that she is a man? heck, they might even be husband and wife, there is nothing in the post that contradicts that either.


    but the mrp is the farmer in this case! i haven’t seen gas (or petrol) msrps in usa (or india), and yes, those prices are also probably set the same way as mango prices are in this comprehension passage.


    waiting until microsoft joins hands with linux folks and sells redhat, bluehat, greenhat etc.

    – s.b.

  10. neel3 says:

    Vyaaparum droha chintanum—
    The end is what matters not the means
    this is true in the world of vendor eat vendor world

  11. silkboard says:

    some body:

    MRP is like a double edged sword these days. An old post here.

  12. Praneshachar, Prashanth, Silkboard, Somebody, Neel3,
    Thanks for your time and comments. Definetly there is some learning, some laughter in this I suppose. Pranav – wil checkout that link.

  13. Kendra says:

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