F1 Track Maintainence

In a latest reported move, BBMP (Big Better Money Pelifirage)  has decided to bid for the track maintainence of the formula 1 racing tracks being outsourced by Italy and Malaysia. Here is the extracts of speech from esteemed comissionar Mr JoyrideRaj

We are proud to say that our palike karmikas have risen above the stink and smell of small time works and proud to announce that we have bid for the global tender to upkeep and maintain the forumla 1 racing tracks in two select countries as a pilot project.

We are also proposing as value addition that within 6 weeks of our maintainence, we shall provide newer versions of the same high speed chase but which will test the endurance of the man, the machine and their backbones. We are proposing to create obstacle courses as part of these F1 races which include pot holes of various size, dimension and depth and speed breakers. The experience of palike in such roads are unquestionable and have a great track record.

The local contractors association which is part of the palike too is upbeat about the same. They too would provide the logistics and men support so that articifical rain ( as required) and broken slabs are placed at convinient edges of these tracks. These new tracks will provide an increased opportunity for palike to increase its earnings while the forumla 1 would reach a new zenith explained a jubiliant JoyrideRaj.

When a wag asked what would happen in case of accidents due to these potholes, JoyrideRaj said Tsk tsk…this is why India is not developing despite our best efforts. Havent you seen accidents at high speed, what we are proposing is to stop those and provide good skill tests for machine and man.

When the wag persisted that accidents happen on Indian roads too – which is being proposed, again commissionar sir ignored that question and said ‘we are not Gods to stop people getting killed’. All we can hope is good things. Man proposes, God disposes err Palike proposes and roads kill.


4 Responses to F1 Track Maintainence

  1. neel3 says:

    Your post can be mailed by paalike as SOP when they send in their tenders.
    As a fall-out our puttur bone-setters,Here-today gone tomorrow road repairers,emission check mado hesarinalli sulige maduva jana,our great areteaoz, ellrigu swalpa aakasmika dhana laabha aagatalla–
    Eshtu hogaLidaru saaladu entha mahan, naveena yojanegalige.

  2. greatunknown says:

    If there is fun and irony in life, this is it!!!
    You’ve given me a stomach ache, a pleasant one, thanks to laughing my guts out!!!!!

  3. Vijay says:

    I like the names that you are coming of with.. Vital Nagaraj and then Joyrideraj… keep track of these names and copyright them 🙂

  4. Neel3,
    I have got no responce from paalike 😉

    Glad you liked it. Thanks.

    Yes – will take note of that. thanks.

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