A Request

March 13, 2007

Ooh my Lord, thank you for the cup of sorrows,

this is one which makes me remember you;

this is one which makes me a human being;

this is when I dont trample on other people;

this is when I can see,understand,empathize.

Ooh my lord, Dont give me your cup of joys;

Because thats when I do all the misdeeds,hurt people;

I even forget your omnipresence.

Ooh my god. thank you.

[ Inspired by Sri Kirit bhai’s discourse ]


March 8, 2007

This post is mostly boring, can bring about awareness and some times dangerous to dictators.

Ego or the short form of this disease is ‘I‘. If not for this ego, the homo sapiens may not have evolved and survived. Its quite important that we fight for scarse resource even if it means we troad upon, kill and humiliate fellow beings. If used in minute and diluted forms this is good for health and helps us survive. Read the rest of this entry »

Rebirth – Reestablished!!!!

March 2, 2007

Folks, what Lord Sri Krishna has told us, has been recently confirmed by scientiests. Yes, there is rebirth and proof for it here.

Thanks to Churmuri who gave me this link.  So just dont hate anybody. Just love them.


February 14, 2007


Kundalini. This word means “coiled up like a snake”.

Our ancient yoga defines the human body is essentially a machine which is pushed around by “prana”. This life giving prana is essentially moving along the entire body in forms of electric pulses.

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Niraakara and aakara

February 9, 2007

The first question Narendra ( Swami Vivekananda ) asked his guru Sri RamaKrishna Paramahamsa was “Have you seen God?”

The answer to this question bonded Narendra to Ramakrishna and became the world famous hindu movement culminating in his chicago address.

Even though Sri Ramakrishna answered Narendra “Yes, I have seen him, touched him, felt him just like I can see you, touch you and feel you”.

The above question – answer seems quite trivial as the saga of the master and student continues and narendra himself discovers the duality of an question. The actual and correct answer Sri Ramakrshina knew was that “He had seen but not yet seen“.

Confusing? This is a small glimpise of spirituality and logic does not seem to hold much water due to its TRUE or FALSE dimensions.

Lets cut back to real world and observe a few things. There are many “fan clubs” in every city of this country. They feel and see the matinee icons way of dressing, mannarisums etc and imitate to the core. These people need a VISIBLE FRONT who gradually start to continue even after the matinee idols demise as they are able to “see” their mataniee idols picture, mannarisums for many years to come without actually visiting a movie hall.

God is said to be omnipotent, available everywhere and in everything. There are few people on earth who can believe in the above statement 100% and take on from there. This is the highest form of Gnana and culmination of Bhakthi. All great saints know this truth and have attained the lord “without a form“.

There are other souls who take one extra step and add a form like Rama, Krishna, Shiva, Vishnu and worship. If these souls also can concentrate on these idols of respective deities, they too attain the common thread of the lord “with form“.

Our vedas, puranas have many many examples but ultimately they all have gone through a “formfull” to “Formless” bliss. Some have taken the direct shortcut to “formless” salvation.’

Ways may be different but the aim is the same.

We are celebrating the holy day of Sri Ramakrishnas avatara this month.

May the omnipotent in us bestow the good Gnana to reach him in respective ways.


February 2, 2007

No, this post is not about the latest movie or a Kannada villain or hero’s name… its about the actual OM.

‘Om’ is made up of A-kara, U-kara and M-kara. Upanishads have taught us that A-kara is the vibration of creation, U-kara is the vibration of sustenance and M-kara is the vibration of destruction. Further they have stated a deity for each of these “Beejaksharas”.

Chaturmukha Brahma is the creator of the world, Lord Vishnu is the sustainer of prakurthi, The great shiva is the destroyer of this world.

The three deities with specific jobs have the responsibility of this world. Brahma is the constructor, Vishnu the preserver and Shiva the destructor.

OM is just not a representation of this worldly object. The great acharyas have established the relationship between the creator, the world and the created in their own ways or methods of understanding.

OM has a much deeper significance and multiple meanings. Swami Sukhabodananda in one of his recent enlightenment series explains thus:

What ever be the religion, when you open your mouth to chant the holy Koran, Bible , Mantras – you create sound. This gives a specific meaning / vibration and produces different types of effects. When you close your mouth and stop these chantings, the silence takes over. There is a beauty in this noiselessness too. The OM vibration encaptures the entire gamut of this worldly aspects within itself and thus is at the epic of the vibrations.

How does this help us in day-to-day life? The great ones tell – practice first and ask next.

Tangentially thinking, if you have been watching a movie which is just interesting, you will notice and say – Wow! it was just great, I cant believe it took 2 hrs I feel like it just happened in 5 minutes!

Yes – you can recall so many incidents in your life of this nature. What has happened there is you have INTEREST there or you have concentrated without your knowledge due to which you had shut off all the other senses, which take you away normally.

Why are we talking about this? The meditation you did in the cinema hall in the above example was involuntary. We have the ability to do this voluntarily. Why am I calling movie watching as “meditation”? The reason is that you have concentrated and taken all the vibrations of the movie object.

Little further down the lane, if you concentrate on object vibrations just like movie watching or talking to your loved ones, you start meditating. If the object which gives out those vibrations are positive – you get positively charged.

Omkara meditation or forms of the same have been used for many years from our rishis to give the much-required solace to the troubled human mind.

Most of us being in tension filled days take on so many ailments without knowing how to relax.

Just sit cross legged in front of an OM picture, observe it for 20 seconds, close your eyes and keep seeing this OM. The minute this goes away from your mind, open your eyes and see the picture again. Repeat and increase this gradually starting from 10 minutes to 30 minutes. This is the proven technique of Omkara meditation.

Of course there are many teachers, methods, techniques. Most of them involve concentration on your breathing too but the ultimate goal is the same.

May the Omnipotent in us give the strength to evolve from the monkey to the supreme!