Laugh it out 24……

This is supposed to be a real incident rocking the advertisement world, however here is how it goes…

When brylcream – the mans supposedly initial assortment to appease woman with deadly looks was launched – it was a instant hit in the Americas, Englands and this made the management to think regarding expand their bases and go places.

Africa it was and a new marketing head was found – who demanded astronomical sums for his survey and launching of the product.  The initial launch comprised of a advertisement series more so in terms of huge bill boards as penetration in rural Africa was impossible due to lack of media in those days and hardly few could read/write.

On expected lines, the volumes of sales surged and created a history of sorts. Nowhere was sales so brisk in any continent and the management decended on poor Africa to understand the success mantra.

The bill board consisted of a picture showing some fruits and a man picking the same – a corner had brylcream in its signarure red box being looked at with envy of the woman.

The management decided to press the accelearator and made a small change and removed the fruits etc which was natural for rural Africa but made the woman put her hands on the mans hair and envy the same with a glamours look. The most suductive african woman was selected for this and the second wave of sales campgain was launched.

The results were supposedly so disasterous that the original team was sacked and the management appointed a new group to investigate into the failure.

On final analysis it was found that the initial compgain was understood that brylcream was used to apply between food like sandwiches and eaten by the consumers and sales increased but when the actual consumers found out what brylcream was in the second campagain, they started using it only as a beauty enhancer!!


4 Responses to Laugh it out 24……

  1. Harsha says:

    Lol.. Nice one.. 🙂

  2. praneshachar says:

    LOL! butter or brylcream

  3. Harsha,
    Thanks 🙂

    It was a challenge to write this piece without mentioning the buter portion though – thanks.

  4. some body says:

    reminds me of a failed coca cola ad in islamic countries (god only knows whether it is fact or fiction), which i read about on the internet:

    the ad consisted of three pictures laid side by side. the first shows a man in a desert half-dead of thirst and exhaustion, the second shows him swigging a bottle of coca cola, and the third shows him in the pink of health, enjoying himself in his own oasis.

    problem with the ad? folks in islamic countries read from right to left!!

    – s.b.

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