Chronicles – House Hunting

Having lived in our house for near 20 odd years, the marriage magic made me go in persuite of a new house. Initially I wanted to buy a bigger house so that we could live in it comfortably. Nobody foresaw the requirements for a Washing machine, Various killer applications like mixie, Grinder and off course our beloved car and bike!

I caught hold of 5 brokers and specified that the area has to be south bangalore only. Once a southie allways a southie. Having heard that I had returned to India very recently – the brokers smelt the sweet smell of money and myself of a proud owner of a home.

The broker said “come to office on saturday morning sir.. you will definetly like the houses I show you”. Myself and mother went to his real estate office wondering what was so real about it. Big chief smiled a golden tooth and asked his assistant to show us all the NEW properties in the area – as if we were buying fresh vegetables.

Seena rode on a bike in front and we followed him. Houses came in various size and shape and health too. Most of them had similar problems known to us – too small , on the first floor, Red – oxide ( which father in law will give his daughters hand to an animal living in redoxide flooring!), House on main road etc etc.

After all this we found a wonderfull house but it was in first floor. I objected saying something about aged parents and climbing up. Seena, smelling money closed in and said with wisdom “Ones they climb up the stairs, they dont have to come down sir…, there are servents who can easily do all the shopping around ..”.

So impressed were the muslim couple they said “you guys move in on rental basis and if you like – you can buy it or forget it”. Keeping my sensitve nostrils up, I politely turned down the offer – Visiting card of a software company makes magic.

Over the next couple of months seena and our hunt concluded – not that we decided any house but the brokers consoritrum concluded that we were false alarm and not really interested.

Taking those hints, I scouted the local news papers, internet, even my Gopal mama’s connections.

By the end of first 5 months, I had really understood how real estate agents work, their grouping, commission distribution, passing of stale property with high amounts, induced hikes in imaginary sales et all.

I gave my mothers breaking back a months rest. Lots of brainstorming later on one fine evening i got convinced that old houses are really not worth it. So back to square one.

My friend prashanth opened up his small secret now. They have purchased a brand new site in a new layout – its damn cheap and if interested he can put me through the broker for a site in the same layout.

Viola! Why didnt I think of it. Mother casually said “Site is a good idea but we both are too old and weak to sustain another regimen of contractor”. The current house had seen 6 different contractors and 12 different muddles they had created.

Between the devil and deep sea, I plunged bermuda deep into site searching. We roamed the length and breadth akin to tigers in a jungle – but no purchase!

As usual my good friend knows how to clinch the deal – he being a businessman. He took a small piece of paper and calculated how much it would cost to build my dream rather than purchase upfront and alter. Both cases invovled money and here at least I can get a brand new one to my ideas!

The final nail into this coffin was struck by prashanth who opinioned that “since this area is under developed, current rates are low and you will allways get a 200% appriciation in rates once the area developes mohan – the idea is to buy under developed area and sell off when it gets developed”.

I nooded my head to that arithematic and common sense. March 1999, I got the site registered.

We had a very friendly neighbourhood contractor who was ex-L&T and we immideatly got down to “planning”.

After consultaion with Vasthu experts I found out we could only have some small boxes which offered one single utility like either cooking, sleeping or sky watching.

Thats when our contractor great used his practical experience and over rode all the vasthu expetise of mom and suggested counter effects. This finally got the utility spaces into some form.

The routine works started and after lots of kicking, fuming, threataning the house warming was done and keys handed over.

Atlast – we moved in in May 2000 with my spouse and started enjoying life.

But into the first week, we suddenly heard the door bell chimes at middle of night!!

Alarmed of some thugs we peeped out of window and even the keyhole. Nobody!!

Spooky it was and we forgot. Suddenly one bright sunny afternoon with the door open, it rang! We saw each others face as it was doing this automatically. The local electrican then confirmed that surge in power had tickled the sensitive electornic sound chimer into action!

This chiming used to happen when it rained and we had a good ligthning and after installing two switches too, the chiming continued. Finally fed up we replaced the electornic guy with a manual old type one. Life is silent from then onwards.


26 Responses to Chronicles – House Hunting

  1. Shruthi says:

    Mohan, a small request. Can you enable full feeds in your blog, so that when we read from the feedreader, we can view your entire posts, instead of just one or two lines? Will be convenient when we are in a hurry, and cannot visit your blog.

  2. Vijay says:

    Mohan: lol… I have had my share of brokers who have come in and out of my life… but the interesting part is all the houses that I have rented and bought.. was directly from the owner…

    I second Shruthi’s request above… if its possible.. 🙂

  3. M O H A N says:

    I checked out what the problem was. When ever i use the tag or the one which makes a user click on the post to read it completely, the feed breaks there. Unfortunately 90% of the posts have this tag!. Will concisiously try not to use it in future. Thanks for the comments though!

  4. Veena says:

    You didn’t tell us where you bought your site… atleast namakavaste maneg banni annodalva ? irli bidi 🙂

    you didn’t speak about the money you bargained with the broker, finally I thought you would save that by buying it directly from the owners!

    paapa ondu mane nodokkaadru nimma shrimathi na karkond hogod alva ?

  5. Veena says:

    & vijay, all houses ? ella plural …cool…

  6. M O H A N says:

    I wasnt married while hunting for house 😉

    Chikkallasandra people are bad as suggested by you. You are allways welcome home with prior notice so that we can provide reception 🙂

    The broker fellow was a rowdy sheeter so i coudnt risk my life for 10,000 Rs commission and do short cut!!

  7. greatunknown says:

    I am not married and neither do I want to own a house of my own!
    But kudos to the manner in which you have made light of your worries.

    It’s a great capacity to laugh at one’s problems, and you have that gift. More than that, you have written about your experiences very well.

    I hope your life chimes with the melodious music of togetherness, health and happiness!

  8. Cuckoo says:

    I liked your way of narrating things. Keep it up !

  9. Vijay says:

    greatunknown: Your time will come… there is an agent out there waiting for you .. and your brokerage 😉

  10. Vani says:

    Wow, Mohan……super aagide nimm house hunting chronicles!

    And BTW , your door bell chiming reminded me of my own spooky experience of telephone ringing!

  11. M O H A N says:

    Thank you, thank you, thanks.
    Is it a forced bachelor hood or imposed one though ?

    If you cant suffer it atleast one needs to enjoy it!

    Thanks for your words

    Thanks. Yes. I remember that post.

  12. Prashanth M says:

    So its Prashanth again to your rescue 😉

    Nice narration..

  13. shark says:

    This Prashanth Guy always seems to come to your rescue….. he deserves a big treat from you 😉

  14. neel3 says:

    First -Kaikesaraadaru baayi mosarayitalla 🙂
    Secondly, I second greatunknown’s comment that you have a knack of making light your worries.And you (en)lighten
    the reader’s mind/mood also !
    Prashantarannu vishaalavaagi varNisalu ondu post maadi-it appears that he is indeed a friend.
    Lucky you.

  15. M O H A N says:

    You are getting phamous – take a bow 🙂

    Since I had only 2 friends from childhood, we 3 helped each other in every type of crisis.

    Beware this fellow is a pacca businessman. Will do a post on him.

  16. Wonderful narration..

    Electronic chimes thing is a bonus to this wonderful post 😉

  17. Srik,
    Thanks. I really dont know any other way of telling my views!!

  18. rk says:

    good narrative and nice to read your experiences mohan.
    i always believe that LIFEalli yenaadru ondhu kattisbeku….illa mane… illa hallu.

  19. M O H A N says:

    Hallu is too much!!

  20. greatunknown says:

    Neither forced, not imposed bachelorhood. Neither impotence, nor ugly looks.
    No suffering, no enjoyment, no complaints!!!

  21. Greatunknown
    🙂 🙂

  22. Prasanna Sastry says:

    Mohan avare where is this ” Chikkallasandra” after working at hyderabad i have forgotten many areas last week i was asking people at road to reach BSK II nd stage. THis area i used to go frequently about 4 years before. Yenu Madodu Yella One-way galu.

  23. M O H A N says:

    Sastry sir,
    Just drive down the BSK 2nd stage BDA complex towards Devegowdas padmanabhanagar. Bang next to it is Chikkalasandra!

    My Junior allways asks me why there is an up arrow ( one way signpost), How to drive above? 🙂

  24. praneshachar says:

    wah!!! mohan your way of narrating all the things
    is really superb.
    mane katti nodu maduve madi nodu gadene ide alva
    nanagu i mane kattu/kolluva prayatna madi konege
    kattalu nirdarisi contract kottu kashta anubhavisi
    konege anthu inthu ondu mane kattiddu aitu innu
    next kelasa madabeku.
    contractor nanu grihapravesha fix madidamele tarle
    tegedu extam exhorbitant claim madida when he was
    taking us for a ride I decided to postpone the same and
    wait for my architect to return so that issue can be
    resolved in his presence. finally all went well the
    relationlkhsip with contractor which was supern got into
    normal with his greedy attitude and few more references
    from our end stopped. yes he did a good work that fact
    remains even some going down after the episode.

  25. Praneshachar,
    Good to hear that the story ended with a good note. Most cases I know is of tagidies!

  26. pupkarik says:

    xdvdsfvd fdgsd
    fdsaiuwa dfgdsgfs

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