World Environment Day and the Petro hike

What a climax to see both the events happening parallely!!!

On one end, the greedy human beings are polluting the mother earth in all forms possible. This is affecting the health of the poorest poor of the earth including the weekest of week – woman and children.

The petro product hike in terms of petrol, diesel would definetly make the common man walk the already walked extra mile while the rich still guzzle and pollute the environs.  From now onwards, we would see the journey of these products go north while the common man skips meals ( no Gas beyond 8 cylinders you see), walks, bycycles.

Already these disparities are showing up and people are getting impatient – a civil war is definetly on cards unless the have’s start using the scarce resource properly as intended.

All of us need to protect nature so that she in turn can continue protecting us


4 Responses to World Environment Day and the Petro hike

  1. praneshachar says:

    need of the hour is environmental protection. global warming a matter of concern. so many initiatives all around to have some steps taken to maintain balance and our future generation will not curse us. Petrol pay more gas pay more so travel pay more be at home pay more. we have no choice and hope things will improve if international oil prices will come down but it looks right now that will not happen.
    you have tackled both issues in one post happy environment day

  2. Veena says:

    8 cylinders per year is certainly not very good. Wonder if the private guys will take undue advantage now.

    Mohan, its been long time that you haven’t posted anything on the Financial Guru of MB blog.. Can you pls enlighten us about recent plan and the petrol hike strategy..

    Petrol bills can be submitted to get income tax benefits, so does the petrol hike reduces the income tax indirectly? such a silly Q I know 🙂

  3. M O H A N says:

    Thanks as usual 🙂

    The private guys are quoting a kings ransom already!!! Have posted on MB blog.

    Good question on petrol hike reducing income tax. Actually the government ears increased revenue as direct taxes on crude being imported, for processing into petrol, diesel etc and finaly states collect entry tax, octroi. Keeping all this in mind paying a lesser income tax is cheaper!

  4. neela says:

    Atleast with price hikes, the middle class will become trim and fit.
    The rich are insulated from such trivialities..

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