Automobiles and mobiles…

October 25, 2007

Off-late it has become difficult to keep pace with technology or am getting older faster than required. This particular thought crossed my mind when the neighbour reverses the car for a practice session early morning, I run thinking its my mobile ringing and client ready to brain wash me.

Ignoring this noise sometimes is a missed call on mobile and more excuses regarding not picking up a call. To my utter horror 3 neighbours in a row decided to buy these modern automobiles to make my life miserable. Cursing luck, i changed my ring note to the older telephone ring of trin..trin…

This made me think and ponder over how the folks are paying money in truckloads to aquire mini vans et all. Technology no doubt has overtaken us from left side like a bike or auto.

Apart from few minor things like a old 16bit chip producing the electric spark, some small motors assisting in steering the vehicle, sorting out overheating of curburettor and replacing it with a better manifold injection are some desirable ones. Like any software having design flaws, these were initial design flaws which got rectified at customers cost!!

All these meant you could drive that modern van/car non stop to chennai from Bangalore without a break. Olden times one had to stop every odd hour to cool the carb/engine to ensure continuity of journey – a major advancement!!

Look at the modern automobile today, its got the flashy colours, contours, the latest CD/DVD player with posh air con, relaxable chairs – excellent but what is the major innovation of the century please?

One would be amazed and that amazement would give away to shock if one got to know the oldest 8th hand fiat you can purchase for 27,000 INR and the swanky swift gizmo at 7 lakhs INR both run on the same 30% efficient thermal engine!!

In other simple words, in the last 150 years of automobile history we use an internal combustion engine, which converts heat energy into mechanical energy at 30% efficiency.

Yes, that is why am cribbing today that the heart of the vehicle is still inefficient. All those big advertisements about technology, 16bit stuff is clear 20% comforts only. Just think if the industry could improve on the efficiency – without thinking about anything else like eco vehicles etc?

A trip in urban jungle of Bangalore produces the most fuel efficient M800 car at 12.5 KMS per litre of petrol. Just suppose the efficiency is increased to 60%, you would get 25 KMS per litre – how about it?

Safety is the last word for third world automobiles and we are no where near that angle. So if the industry is not producing more fuel efficient cars – high time consumers demanded it – right?


Money & Phsycologists

October 10, 2007

The surge in the number of millionaires in the world is spawning a fast-growing industry — wealth psychology. US wealth managers are adding services such as psychological counseling for wealthy clients to set them apart from the competition, experts say.

Some of these psychologists handle clients who feel guilty about inheriting wealth. Others help with problems such as how to raise children in an environment where almost anything can be bought, or intervene when spouses fight over money.

Arent these exactly the perils that money causes and defined so beautifully in our dharama? Now western countries are going to find too much money a problem and myself woudnt be surprised if some indian phakir preached to donate all that money a warren buffet style and cured them.

Now you all know why i dont have money – thats because i cant afford a phsycologist!

Hic hic hurrey….

October 8, 2007

While being in a very clear mode, this press statement in terms of annual consumption of alcoholic beverages made my baby blues open wide.

The global research digest, Canadean, says total beer consumption across the four BRIC countries — Brazil, Russia, India and China — increased by almost 50% eclipsing that of all other alcoholic drinks put together. India’s consumption has grown at a dynamic 90% since the turn of the century, the report adds. The changing lifestyles fuelled by an expanding economy and the slowly unfolding industry de-regulation in favour of mild alcohol is swinging India, which has traditionally been a hard spirits market, towards beer.

A Senior vice president from Danish brewing giant Carlsberg, Jesper B Madsen, recently said India holds the promise of emerging as the second largest behind China by around 2020. This could see the domestic consumption toppling Japan with per capita consumption of around 5-6 litres, up from the current one litre.

With all these hopes, here are some changes suggested in office ettiqutte & elsewhere

  1. Supply of coffee/tea should be stopped and replaced with beer and variants
  2. Throw out that old fashioned cups/mugs. Replace with supply pipes with taps – full shtyle and available 24/7
  3. Say cheers and drink for all success
  4. Say cheers and drink for all failures
  5. Sell low grade kingfisher in all ration shops, have the arrack industry cry fowl but contractors, KSFIC et all make moolah.
  6. Number of cases in courts would drastically come down as most people dont know wether they are drunk, are drinking or will be drunk – law does not allow alchoholised people in legal bindings.
  7. It is still illegal to drink and drive so our constitution requires amendment
  8. Some woman will beat up their husbends enmass in AP etc. Open more beer shops there.

Possibilites are mutliple and you can all contribute….. hic!

Power transfer and other stories

October 5, 2007

The latest drama being enacted by JD and BJP right under the nose of cogress man Thakur is quite amusing.

The best part of the joke in this case is how a politician promised another politician and forgot it – but the loser is allways the common man.

It is not the first time these things are happing in this vast country, only names of people and party affiliations change but end result remains the same.

JD somehow wanted to grab power and promised everything after 20 months, BJP in the power hungriness to grab power some how in the southern state took the gamble. It is just not that both the parties are great. The tussle is for power so that the black deads of these politicians can be buried for ever.

Jr Gowda knows that BJP will silently bray for his blood in terms of exposing NICE onwards all his misdeeds and thats the actual bottleneck for him.

Elsewhere in the southern India, its once again action hero Karunanidhi and BJP. Lord Rama as usually is dragged into the contravarcy. Best situation would be somebody files a PIL in court and the case goes on forever ( Remember Ayodhya?) and we can put all the speculations to rest.