Laugh it out 26…….

Arun was back home early and to his mothers puzzle, came straight home and started asking questions. Where did I come from? Mother who knew that truth is the best policy, using all the metaphors from bees, flowers explained the natural progression of reproduction. Arun was quite bewildered.

Near bed time, when papa was alone, he posed the same question to father – not wanting to believe all the stuff mom had told him earlier.

Father looked up from his paper and said “why, we are all decendents of the monkeys you know”. That just did it – somebody was lying and he had to find it out.

Next day morning he confronted with mom and told the simple answer father had given him last night. A amused but fuming mother said – in that case I have explained my linage and he has explained his sides linage!


3 Responses to Laugh it out 26…….

  1. praneshachar says:

    good one some where else I read first para same but puzzled son/daughter asked what my friend was teling the are coming from patna, bihrl

  2. M O H A N says:

    I was inspired by veenas one liner on the discussion group!!

    😉 Its allways a hit with woman folks!!

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