World Water Day


Today is World Water Day. Do we need water at all to celebrate folks? BWSSB has said its common Not to find water in urban areas – Shudder to think of rural people.

Picture courtesy: Deccan Herald


5 Responses to World Water Day

  1. greatunknown says:

    The only water we’ll soon be finding is the flow of tears from our eyes!

    PS: You’ve been blogrolled!

  2. mouna says:

    celebration is personal. moreover it’s lined to oneself. i think water as a tool in celebration, is not required at all..

  3. greatunknown says:

    It’s very evident that certain vested interests wish to keep the Cauvery issue alive and well. After all, hasn’t it proved precious during elections for leaders on both sides to whip up parochial passions?

  4. GreatUnknown,
    Welcome to this site. Yes drinking water is a major problem. Political leaders are the cancer of this country.

    Only political stunts on both sides. Its the man on the roads who suffers.

    Think you misunderstood me there. When a water day is observed atleast there should be some water for drinking for everybody – otherwise it needs to be renamed as water conservation day or worse – waterless day!

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