Photographic nightmares

June 27, 2008

My good old friend Mahesh who has featured in many my escapades suddenly remembered me.

His cell phone connection was quite audiable but with lots of funny noises behind. Even before the customary how are you, how is dad,mom questions i blurted out half in jest ‘what are you eating while talking to me’. Mahesh was quick to rasp ‘nothing like that…why?’.

I said ‘forget it – it sounded like you are eating something’.

Mahesh came straight to the point. ‘Do you know if you can unformat a SD card?’. For readers who are not accomusted to these modern acronyms, SD card meant the small stamp sized memory card or stick as people refer to give it the kicks -is used to capture all the digital photographs in modern cameras and mahesh is a professional in that sense from the last 25 years.

Its getting quite difficult to buy film rolls, develop them and print them. The modern avtar of this memory chip has effective that too – cost effectively replaced the old contraptions. But before you jump to conlcusions just read on..

Knowing Mahesh qutite well, i asked why what happened man? Nothing man you know just wanted to know about it. At 9.30PM if mahesh has to call me after months to gather, there should be some thing cooking there… I prodded on ‘why you lost one is it?’. Sheepishly he admitted ‘yes man’.

He went on to cover up his mistake. He had been to a function as professional photographer and snapped quite a few shots in the morning, noon and evening.   Next day morning he had by mistake ‘erased all of them’ assuming he had downloaded the same to his computer previously.

It was shocking revelation for me. What would he answer the customer now!!! While thoughts of the client shouting and manhandling him for the errornous act, Mahesh brought me back to mother earth. Mohan – are you there?

Using my knowledge, i told him, Have you used the damn card afterwards? Mahesh said ‘yes’ till next day noon. In a gasp of air i said – ‘then your chances of retrieval is quite less but not impossible’.

I suggested him some good places where such recovery is done for 600 Rs to 800 Rs and he said since he was in a hurry, he will do that and call back.

Next day evening i was waiting for the outcome. I had planned 100 things to tell him in case his unerase failed. Mahesh came on line and said – ‘I tried downloading so much software but none of them worked’. I screamed at him – ‘what do you mean, go to a professional and he will do it in a jiffy – what will your customer think of you and how will it impact your future?

Like a cool congress politician who had recently lost the elections, Mahesh replied ‘I just came back from those guys who said you are the unluckiest chap as we could not retrieve a single photo’.

Mahesh- what will you do now man? Will the customer keep quite?

Mahesh answered. i allready gave the customer some 40 snaps of previous evening and told them the truth but half truth – that the card got corrupted and they being nice folks, accepted the same. For the mistake i did not accept any money for the whole thing.

Whew! that was a close call. Our Maheshs photographic guru aka Gurumurthy had done one better thing in 1980’s when film rolls were ruling the day -he had snapped an entire ‘thread cermoney’ without having an inch of film!!!

So much for the memory problems huh?

Inflation – how to tackle it

June 26, 2008

One of the most repeatedly asked question by anybody is – how to tackle this devil which has grown in gigantic proportions?

Most people are unaware of what it is and how it affects them but one thing is for sure, the media has beamed this bad news so continiously that people are more scared than ever. Worse is the situation when we dont know what we are scared off!!

Inflation is simply put as excess money in the country which is chasing few goods. This could be because of prouduction not sufficient or because of too much money with people – net result is the purchasing power of rupees comes down – this is something everybody understands!

Inflation is a essential devil. 3% to 4% is essential for the economic growth of the country but 11% to 14% as of now will hurt the poorest of the poor by reducing their purchasing power while their incomes dont raise proportionately.

The poor man tightens the belt, luxury items are no more purchased, essentials are rationed and the comman man will suffer.

If there is some savings – the retired people etc who have invested in risk averse things like bank FD’s are in for shock as they get negetive returns. Actually the interest paid on FD’s is to give atleast 2% over and above inflation so that your capital remains intact. What reteired people think is that my capital is intact and am living off on the interest portion – WRONG!!!

In current scenario when inflation is at 12% to 14%, your bonds/ FD’s dont give more than 9.75%. This difference is called negetive growth and if it continues for more than 2 years, its a dangerous situation.

So what should common man do for all these – more so the retired people?

Industry experts point out that Gold was one time tested hedging mechanisum but historicaly in the last 20 years, this has not provided very good results. In fact its too much of a risk for common man to purchase, store and sell the same.

Equities are the only life saving mechanisum to beat this devil called inflation. At times of inflation, the corporates increase the cost of products and pass it on to the consumer. But as a owner of the concern you would also be protected as growth would be in line with inflation.  Choose a mutual fund ( balanced one) so that you invest systamatically initially.

RISK is something that needs to be taken for the long term. A pensioner is advised to part 80% in fixed income instruments but 20% should be in equities commited for 7 to 10 years. The growth of this 20% in equities should make the average man break even.

Modern times bring on modern risks and knowledge of the correct nature is imperative to sustain!!

Petro Price hike – the real rise

June 24, 2008

If the common man is reeling under the direct hike of petrol and diesel, there is a new type of harrassment he is facing.

We are NOT talking about double digit inflation, but about the way petroleum companies are forcing the common man to pay much higher prices. Yes, allmost all the petrol bunks have stopped selling the ordinary petrol ( that costs the sky!) and instead are offering the speed, xtra versions which cost 4 to 6 rupees extra. The answer is there is NO STOCK of regular petrol.

Today, there was large scale hunting of motorists in Bangalore trying to find out the cheaper ordinary petrol – at this rate, these unwanted variants have jacked up the cost by near 10 Rupees. Something we can ill afford

Days of agitation gujjar style is not far off if the government does not wake up and ensure enough petro stocks – we should be otherwise ready for 25% inflation.


Laugh it out 26…….

June 17, 2008

Arun was back home early and to his mothers puzzle, came straight home and started asking questions. Where did I come from? Mother who knew that truth is the best policy, using all the metaphors from bees, flowers explained the natural progression of reproduction. Arun was quite bewildered.

Near bed time, when papa was alone, he posed the same question to father – not wanting to believe all the stuff mom had told him earlier.

Father looked up from his paper and said “why, we are all decendents of the monkeys you know”. That just did it – somebody was lying and he had to find it out.

Next day morning he confronted with mom and told the simple answer father had given him last night. A amused but fuming mother said – in that case I have explained my linage and he has explained his sides linage!

Laugh it out 25…

June 12, 2008

Begger with bowl : Amma thayi… alms please

Roadside walker : Enu illa hogo …. I dont have anything go away

Begger: Sir.. bellige indi thindi thindilla… Havent eaten from morning

Walker : Ondu sathi heledre gottagallva, yenu illa antha… Dont you understand if I tell you once i dont have anything….

Begger: Hagadre nanjothe banni sir… In that case why dont you join me!

World Environment Day and the Petro hike

June 5, 2008

What a climax to see both the events happening parallely!!!

On one end, the greedy human beings are polluting the mother earth in all forms possible. This is affecting the health of the poorest poor of the earth including the weekest of week – woman and children.

The petro product hike in terms of petrol, diesel would definetly make the common man walk the already walked extra mile while the rich still guzzle and pollute the environs.  From now onwards, we would see the journey of these products go north while the common man skips meals ( no Gas beyond 8 cylinders you see), walks, bycycles.

Already these disparities are showing up and people are getting impatient – a civil war is definetly on cards unless the have’s start using the scarce resource properly as intended.

All of us need to protect nature so that she in turn can continue protecting us