Petro Price hike – the real rise

June 24, 2008

If the common man is reeling under the direct hike of petrol and diesel, there is a new type of harrassment he is facing.

We are NOT talking about double digit inflation, but about the way petroleum companies are forcing the common man to pay much higher prices. Yes, allmost all the petrol bunks have stopped selling the ordinary petrol ( that costs the sky!) and instead are offering the speed, xtra versions which cost 4 to 6 rupees extra. The answer is there is NO STOCK of regular petrol.

Today, there was large scale hunting of motorists in Bangalore trying to find out the cheaper ordinary petrol – at this rate, these unwanted variants have jacked up the cost by near 10 Rupees. Something we can ill afford

Days of agitation gujjar style is not far off if the government does not wake up and ensure enough petro stocks – we should be otherwise ready for 25% inflation.



Reliance – A misnomer

July 12, 2007

BSNL land lines in our area has been perpetually giving headaches to every user. The phone is more dead than alive. I personally went to the exchange after umpteen complaints and fixes to figure out what the problem was.

The officials confessed that the exchange is too overloaded and hence at the drop of a pin the lines get out of order – no complaining or escalation worked. In fact the line man privately confessed that he make the phone go dead in “round robin leauge – so that other phones get some dail tone too”.

Instead of fuming and raising my blood pressure – decided to celebrate the 13th day of the departed telephone and surrender it with full state honour and pomp this week.

Alternatively I just purchased a Reliance handset with connection to use at house as it was costwise cheaper but never knew quality was at its worst.

The final joke dawned on to me what reliance meant when I was accidental in overhearing a customer who came and requsted that customer care is not picking his phone but saying “Punch a SMS query and send to some number”.

The reliance outlet dealer smiled and told him to try from another number. After he was gone and while I was still waiting to be serviced, another guy asked the owner of the shop why that had happened.

The shop owner with full smile told like the oracle “He would have called too many times and ate their heads…so they put such idiots on SMS to ensure they dont trouble the customer care with stupid questions”.

So – this is the deal you get for having paid and asking the right questions. No consumer can be treated like this but it was too late for me to realize. However the reliance network sucks – you can not make a call in most of the time and now am wondering why I have purchased it in the first place.

The moral of the story is “You just cant relay on reliance for your communication needs”. So between the BSNL (devil) and Reliance(deep sea) who is the best of all?

Its raining borewells…

June 26, 2007

Oops you are right.

If it rains cats and dogs elsewhere, in my part of Bangalore its raining borewells all the way. The background for this seem to be in the order passed by BBMP regarding new borewells. They can not be drilled without written permission of BBMP and all land mafia goons beleive this would devalue their lands – however illegitimate their aquisition be.

The current scenario is, every site owner drills the hole and closes it. Upon sucessfull deal of this – the seller will price higher by 75,000 rupees as it has already got a borewell dug as per vastu!!!

What an intelligent way to circumvent the rule? Think mother earth is a fool to get circumvented – the poor owners who buy and build castles in air beforehand, will be in for a rude shock – none of the borewells will have water – worse – they are all poisioneed by dreaded E-coli or is heavily contaminated.

So there is a rat race even for that contaminated water ….. who knows? You may be starting a water tanker facitlity to sell this liquid gold!

Airtel & Lifetime

June 20, 2007

The companies go all out to sell their services and here is a sample of wisdom shelled out by Air tel for its prepaid customers.

You pay 495 once and for life time they would not be charging rental.

There are some minor clauses like unless the usage is 200 Re for six months. In case you dont use that much – sorry your connection is terminated!

As of today, the customer care is not sure wether that 200 Rs is monthly or for the 6 months duration!! Assurances are given and broken time again.

What’s the logic for this life time prepaid if minimum amount needs to be spent, the customer can take regular connection and spend that amount? This is another cheating case just like credit card companies selling free cards unless you spend 20,000 Rs worth of purchases on the card.

Is Telecom Regulatory Authority of India listening.. Hello…hello….

Medicine for this?

June 18, 2007

Very recently had an experience which kept telling me not only that this country has illitrate people but also education too has failed to lift the general veil of secrecy or ignorance. Thinking of the great upanishad saying that says “a small fliker of light will drive away darkness which was prevailant from 1000 of years”, is sadly yet to be visualized for India.

I keep buying medicine from a certain medical stores as he is quite service minded and checks the expiry date etc before giving one the medicine – a  practice which was very much appricated by me as most people can not read Doctors handwriting nor understand the concept of expiry dates in medicines.

It so happened that I had quite  a few left over tablets/medicine which was well within the expiry dates and when I inquired about returning and buying some other essential medicines from him, he nodded his head and said “Bring it sir, I will exchange but please come at day time preferablly after 10AM”. I was presplexed by this statement and asked “You mean the company folks who deliver the medine in bulk come only at that time and its easy for you to return those medicines?”.

He sheepishly smiled and said “no sir…you know its a practice that we dont take anything in return after dusk”.

Probably 100 of years ago, when the traders did not have enough light after dusk, re-examining and validating a returned product was tough and impossible due to dark conditions and this practice may have had its root there but prey tell me in this modern day of 100 watt CFC bulbs et all, is this practice still worthwhile? Is that D’Pharma which the medicine man studied fortottten to throw light and drive away the evil superstitions of this country still?

Due to this practice I need to go on a saturday or sunday morning after 10AM to save a few bucks by spending more energy,money,time et all for a superstition and God knows till when such things carry forward!!!

You guys may have had any such experiences or was I singled out by God for this treatement alone?

AD’s – Boon or Bane

June 12, 2007

Having been awarded the ‘golden couch potato‘ award for having watched television the most – here is my list of misguiding they did this year.

a) The advertisement from paracetamol company – crocin takes the top slot. Here they show a man drawing how a player in foot ball will use zig zag pattern to hit the goal while crocin directly hits the brain where the head ache is more. Any MBBS failed person will also know that medicine needs to be carried by blood to ALL PARTS OF THE BODY and only acts in those places required – others generate side effect. So, how can crocin do a greater job than other brand?

b) Dettol – the antiseptic joke. How many times should these guys proclaim that this is the only known disinfectant. Fact is otherwise. You can use any soap/liquid which is Ph neutral – mind you – not once but repeatedly to get rid of those presky little fellow germs. Dettol is not the only guy who can do it even RIN can do it!!

c) Hutch advertisements are getting on my nerves. Pray tell me how does a comman man understand GRPS, searching etc? A stupid advertisement which gets a hoard of eskimoes just because a chap types eskimo and hit search…. The sound in background is more irritating but thankfully is the same in all versions of the bad ad. On positive side, hutch seems to have done its market research and found out only urban people are predominent users of its service!!

d) Till date RIN was the old super white king for washes while Surf Excel – excelled the whitest. Suddenly one day surf buys RIN and starts telling the world – RIN is Excel. So all these days you took us for a ride right?

e) There is a category of drinks right from horlicks, boost, bornvita etc which push the same mad thing – vitamins. My foot. For vitamins to stay for that long in your drink, the stupid company should wrap it up in strong paper cartons and keep it under temperature control and use with in 15 days to 25 days max. The joke is on customer who believes all that and adds the extra calories minus the vitamins they were taken for in first place.

f) The dangerous advertisement is by the new class of artificial sweetners. Yes folks, they let you enjoy that sweet without sugary problems but your poor kidney will hang up its boots within 3 years – enjoy dialysis on daily basis or find a donor for yourself.

g) Making the girl look fair ( even guys have a version of it now) is the stupidest advertisment I can every think off. Thanks to fair and lovely – all dark looking guys/gals in 30 days you become white ( pray who told you dark is bad please?). Its all about melanin content predetermined genetically – what this stupid advertisement is mis-endorsing is not really known.

h) Junior was telling me to change the old marvel scooter to the brand new gen X bikes, where you can do top speed and brake at end of cliffs, it took me over half an hour to educate junior that such things only break our necks and those are trained professionals with lots of computer graphics pulled in. Thank you bike ad’s for helping me educate junior regarding your lies..
So other readers, there are many more such irritants which convey wrong notions (dont they do it most of the time?) – you difinetly will have your share of thoughts to share too.

The era of kids

May 3, 2007

Junior has just transgressed into 1st standard without much of his knowledge. He thinks its great fun and we just didnt want the bubble to burst. A visit to school brought forth his books and accessories. No doubt he was thrilled but few issues did come up.

He has no option but to study Hindi as one of the brand new subject. But which moron on earth thinks that learning an alian language straight using words without attempting to know the alphabet list should be given posthumous bharatha rathna.

We dont need to talk about weight of books etc – they are huge considering what it was when I studied 1st standard and what it is. Very soon astronomy will make way into 1st standard sylabus. Atleast only those books for home work are lent out and rest stocked at school along with cockroaches and silver fish ends the story there.

Uniforms – brand new ones had to be brought. But pray me – why tie that tie (pun intended) into your throats? This is a left over threat from BritishRaj days. Its understandable to cover your throat from the cold weather of England but pray the high temperatures across India – do we still need to carry forward this tag?

Uniforms are expected to bring uniformity in life for all students – but why uniforms on monday, tuesday, thursday,friday but white dress other days complete with white canvas shoes? Is it because the other set is sent for washing OR is it the money spinning ways of garment/dress maker in collusion with school management?

Learning is a mostly an afterthought as it makes me shudder to think of all the expenses a middle class family has to shed for a couple of kids! Cant we simplify these stupid things in private schools?