AD’s – Boon or Bane

Having been awarded the ‘golden couch potato‘ award for having watched television the most – here is my list of misguiding they did this year.

a) The advertisement from paracetamol company – crocin takes the top slot. Here they show a man drawing how a player in foot ball will use zig zag pattern to hit the goal while crocin directly hits the brain where the head ache is more. Any MBBS failed person will also know that medicine needs to be carried by blood to ALL PARTS OF THE BODY and only acts in those places required – others generate side effect. So, how can crocin do a greater job than other brand?

b) Dettol – the antiseptic joke. How many times should these guys proclaim that this is the only known disinfectant. Fact is otherwise. You can use any soap/liquid which is Ph neutral – mind you – not once but repeatedly to get rid of those presky little fellow germs. Dettol is not the only guy who can do it even RIN can do it!!

c) Hutch advertisements are getting on my nerves. Pray tell me how does a comman man understand GRPS, searching etc? A stupid advertisement which gets a hoard of eskimoes just because a chap types eskimo and hit search…. The sound in background is more irritating but thankfully is the same in all versions of the bad ad. On positive side, hutch seems to have done its market research and found out only urban people are predominent users of its service!!

d) Till date RIN was the old super white king for washes while Surf Excel – excelled the whitest. Suddenly one day surf buys RIN and starts telling the world – RIN is Excel. So all these days you took us for a ride right?

e) There is a category of drinks right from horlicks, boost, bornvita etc which push the same mad thing – vitamins. My foot. For vitamins to stay for that long in your drink, the stupid company should wrap it up in strong paper cartons and keep it under temperature control and use with in 15 days to 25 days max. The joke is on customer who believes all that and adds the extra calories minus the vitamins they were taken for in first place.

f) The dangerous advertisement is by the new class of artificial sweetners. Yes folks, they let you enjoy that sweet without sugary problems but your poor kidney will hang up its boots within 3 years – enjoy dialysis on daily basis or find a donor for yourself.

g) Making the girl look fair ( even guys have a version of it now) is the stupidest advertisment I can every think off. Thanks to fair and lovely – all dark looking guys/gals in 30 days you become white ( pray who told you dark is bad please?). Its all about melanin content predetermined genetically – what this stupid advertisement is mis-endorsing is not really known.

h) Junior was telling me to change the old marvel scooter to the brand new gen X bikes, where you can do top speed and brake at end of cliffs, it took me over half an hour to educate junior that such things only break our necks and those are trained professionals with lots of computer graphics pulled in. Thank you bike ad’s for helping me educate junior regarding your lies..
So other readers, there are many more such irritants which convey wrong notions (dont they do it most of the time?) – you difinetly will have your share of thoughts to share too.


20 Responses to AD’s – Boon or Bane

  1. kalyan says:

    Actually there are many more mis-leading ads airing presently. The anti-dandruff shampoos, washing powder Tide, with its claim for making clothes super white, the under-wear ads, the health-drinks like Complan with its claim for making children taller & the list goes on….Nice post!

  2. Vijay says:

    Remember Incremin tonic.. claimed to make you grow taller.. I used to pester my mom to buy it for me…

    The “Fair” thing has gone too far…to the extent that everyone (including the family) looks down on her when she is dark.. but then suddenly attitudes change when she gets fairer… not the right social message is it?

  3. Vijay,
    Exactly I remember a tonic which helped me grow. I wanted to grow up like a giraffe and watch everybody before they entered home…dont remember the name but we all as kids have suffered these illusions.

    Hope there is some body to kill these ads – which would mean back to 80’s ad’s where jingles were prominent and content correct. Social message is more important here as the users are kids.

  4. And why no mention of the “AXE effect“?!! They show such a provocative ad to sell their product!

  5. But I liked the “Eskimos” ad by Hutch, its so innovative.
    Also, I liked the advertisements of Master card, good thinking right?

    But if it is aired too many times at short intervals, it gets to one’s nerves.

    And there are these ads of toilet cleaners aired on local channels…oh! mostly they air these at peak hour, when people would be having their dinner!!!

  6. Srik
    Oops there are many AXE effect ad’s which did not register much in my mind… Hutch has captured the urban yuppie youth – looks like they are the only users – pray otherwise how does rural folk understand GRPS!!!

    Your toilet cleaning advert timings leaves a bad taste in the mouth (pun intended)

  7. Prasanna Sastry says:

    Mohan avare, Have you Heard of Indian Dental Association ?? Which has its Stamping on Colgate,Pepsodent Paste ??

    This IDA is nothing but the Association formed by the Wives and some duDDu vantru of the board of Directors of these Cos .

    That is not a Medical Body at all . also a case has been filed in Mumbai HC to refrain these Cos from using that name.

  8. Sastry sir,
    Thanks – this is education. Even i thought its a body of elite dentists!!! This is public cheating and case should be filed according to sec 420 on colgate, pepsodent!!!

  9. neela says:

    how about the use of female models for selling sanitaryware like hindware etc.

    looks as if the males don’t need the product!!

  10. neela says:

    i forgot…..
    what about insurance ads using smiling widows??
    don’t the companies want the women to be insured??

  11. Neela,
    The sale of products using woman is extremly traditional. Even tyres are sold using models. Working woman concept is majorly urban in nature and they want to capture the rural insurance ….. they can reposition their branding but who actually listens?

    In my limited experience for older companies or stabilized products the advertisements dont actually bring in sales – its just to tell its compitetor that am here too.

  12. greatunknown says:

    Wow! What an analysis! Incisive yet hilarious and to the point!
    True, most of these ads make no sense at all. They’re shot in exotic locales with expensive props with nothing much in the storyline.

  13. GreatUnknown,
    Welcome back. Its been precise 63 days since you shifted and not be seen!!

    Not only are these AD’s misleading they also exploit guillable kids and teenaged girls.

  14. greatunknown says:

    Gawsh! You’ve kept a count. I am flattered:)

  15. Anand,
    đŸ™‚ this is how guillible customers are voowed by the number games. I knew its between a month and a half you were missing approximately. So that number was just a wild guess!!! Thanks.

  16. Benny says:

    I just want to leave a comment ………………………

    Why do these hutch people always use dogs for advertising… we are betther than dogs. They have good ads but so much to think.

    Insurance ads using girls are very thoughtful as no one would use girls to do all these sorts of things because after marriage they would go looking after their family or job normally….. not everybody .

    And all those Horlicks ads which shows that drinking Horlicks will get rid of Exam ghosts is really nonsense…… I ahave drank horlicks when I was a student but Never had got rid of Exam ghosts.

  17. abhinav says:

    advertisement is just a medium of ___________________________________-

  18. This topic is quite hot in the net at the moment. What do you pay the most attention to while choosing what to write ?

  19. dhruv says:

    ad is just influence is a medium of increasing sale of a product.for this purpose they make represent the feature of a productand misleading the people because products not rely on that.

  20. I love it when folks come together and share opinions.
    Great website, continue the good work!

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