1 US $ = 1 INR

July 2, 2007

This is a dream come true for me. Just being able to purchase things on parity this is what it would be like:

1) Lunch and dinner for 8 Rupees? Are you crazy, has poverty and corruption removed from earth?

2) A Local phone call for 25 Ps, impossible even the bankcorrupt spice would not dare such a thing!

3) A bus ticket for entire city trip at 16 Rupees – Hold your breath in a AC Volvo bus with a smiling conductor!!

4) Rental of houses at 600 Rupees per month for a 3 BHK

5) 2 Way air ticket for a person trans-atlantic at 1700 INR? What would happen next to cheap airlines – drop dead literally from air?

6) A Movie of Hollywood or Bollywood fame for 12.50 INR, Popcorn and thumsdown at 6 Rupees – It would be interesting to note the per capita consumption of India!!

7) Ferrari cars at just 65,000 INR after 135% duty for general citizens!! All auto drivers will upgrade to these.

8 ) The common anigioplastry, By-pass at 1.05 Lakhs still – bad, why is it so expensive? Dental visit costs 12,000 Rupees – good olden days were better.

We can just go on in this dream world spending money in USA, with our existing Indian rupees. Me not being an optimist had to catagorize this one as fiction though!


Arjun & Cough Syrup

June 29, 2007

Shwetha and Tharun met in the pre-university and enjoyed each other’s company very much. As life would have it they fell in love and married. As proof of their love, little Arjun was born.

As both partners understood and agreed, Tharun held his steady sales job while Shwetha decided to take a 3 year break from career to ensure Arjun gets a proper grounding and much needed love.

Like any other couple, they too had their difference and agreements on various issues including buying a site on moon.

Arjun had grown up now to be that walking toddler who had the ambition to check out everything. It so happened one day, that while waving good bye to the toddler, Tharun noticed that medicine – cough syrup was kept near the TV and warned Shwetha to keep it away from prying hands of Arjun, lest he pulled the bottle and it broke and hurt him. Shwetha nodded her head with plans of many uncompleted works for the day.

Tharun got a panicky call from shwetha in near tears. She was saying something about Arjun and medicine. Tharun aborted his sales call and rushed to house.

On entering his house, he saw the dead body of Arjun – due to drinking the 60ml sweet cough syrup and inconsolable shwetha…

What would you do being in tharuns shoes, what would be your exact words?