Automobiles and mobiles…

Off-late it has become difficult to keep pace with technology or am getting older faster than required. This particular thought crossed my mind when the neighbour reverses the car for a practice session early morning, I run thinking its my mobile ringing and client ready to brain wash me.

Ignoring this noise sometimes is a missed call on mobile and more excuses regarding not picking up a call. To my utter horror 3 neighbours in a row decided to buy these modern automobiles to make my life miserable. Cursing luck, i changed my ring note to the older telephone ring of trin..trin…

This made me think and ponder over how the folks are paying money in truckloads to aquire mini vans et all. Technology no doubt has overtaken us from left side like a bike or auto.

Apart from few minor things like a old 16bit chip producing the electric spark, some small motors assisting in steering the vehicle, sorting out overheating of curburettor and replacing it with a better manifold injection are some desirable ones. Like any software having design flaws, these were initial design flaws which got rectified at customers cost!!

All these meant you could drive that modern van/car non stop to chennai from Bangalore without a break. Olden times one had to stop every odd hour to cool the carb/engine to ensure continuity of journey – a major advancement!!

Look at the modern automobile today, its got the flashy colours, contours, the latest CD/DVD player with posh air con, relaxable chairs – excellent but what is the major innovation of the century please?

One would be amazed and that amazement would give away to shock if one got to know the oldest 8th hand fiat you can purchase for 27,000 INR and the swanky swift gizmo at 7 lakhs INR both run on the same 30% efficient thermal engine!!

In other simple words, in the last 150 years of automobile history we use an internal combustion engine, which converts heat energy into mechanical energy at 30% efficiency.

Yes, that is why am cribbing today that the heart of the vehicle is still inefficient. All those big advertisements about technology, 16bit stuff is clear 20% comforts only. Just think if the industry could improve on the efficiency – without thinking about anything else like eco vehicles etc?

A trip in urban jungle of Bangalore produces the most fuel efficient M800 car at 12.5 KMS per litre of petrol. Just suppose the efficiency is increased to 60%, you would get 25 KMS per litre – how about it?

Safety is the last word for third world automobiles and we are no where near that angle. So if the industry is not producing more fuel efficient cars – high time consumers demanded it – right?



6 Responses to Automobiles and mobiles…

  1. shark says:

    This is one thing which I have also thought about many time – why can’t they produce some fuel efficient cars?

    But the problem I think is that with the growing number of comforts becoming necessities… like who cared if the car had an AC 10 years back? but now it’s a necessity.
    With AC again the fuel efficiency drops down..

    but clearly the need of the hour is fuel efficient cars.. bikes caught on to it faster.. hope cars get the wind soon as well…

  2. Srik says:

    Happy to announce that you have been awarded.
    Please check my blog for details.

  3. praneshachar says:

    Mohan where are you is everything ok not seen here or on any other blogs for long hope all is ok


  4. Srik says:

    Hello sir!!

    Where are you?! No pathe?

  5. Veena says:

    exactly.. elli pathene illa..?

  6. M O H A N says:

    🙂 very much here!!

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