Hic hic hurrey….

While being in a very clear mode, this press statement in terms of annual consumption of alcoholic beverages made my baby blues open wide.

The global research digest, Canadean, says total beer consumption across the four BRIC countries — Brazil, Russia, India and China — increased by almost 50% eclipsing that of all other alcoholic drinks put together. India’s consumption has grown at a dynamic 90% since the turn of the century, the report adds. The changing lifestyles fuelled by an expanding economy and the slowly unfolding industry de-regulation in favour of mild alcohol is swinging India, which has traditionally been a hard spirits market, towards beer.

A Senior vice president from Danish brewing giant Carlsberg, Jesper B Madsen, recently said India holds the promise of emerging as the second largest behind China by around 2020. This could see the domestic consumption toppling Japan with per capita consumption of around 5-6 litres, up from the current one litre.

With all these hopes, here are some changes suggested in office ettiqutte & elsewhere

  1. Supply of coffee/tea should be stopped and replaced with beer and variants
  2. Throw out that old fashioned cups/mugs. Replace with supply pipes with taps – full shtyle and available 24/7
  3. Say cheers and drink for all success
  4. Say cheers and drink for all failures
  5. Sell low grade kingfisher in all ration shops, have the arrack industry cry fowl but contractors, KSFIC et all make moolah.
  6. Number of cases in courts would drastically come down as most people dont know wether they are drunk, are drinking or will be drunk – law does not allow alchoholised people in legal bindings.
  7. It is still illegal to drink and drive so our constitution requires amendment
  8. Some woman will beat up their husbends enmass in AP etc. Open more beer shops there.

Possibilites are mutliple and you can all contribute….. hic!


4 Responses to Hic hic hurrey….

  1. neela says:

    no. 5 odi yaaro khush aaagirtaaralla!!
    innonderdu F1 kondkoLtaare..

  2. Super news! Effects of globalization…..neera sarai is replaced with the imported beer 😛 and lassi, elaneeru are replaced by pepsi, coke fosters!! 😀

  3. Neela,
    You fly the good times on a F1 now!!

    Yes, upgradation is the IN thing now!

  4. Vani says:

    Cases in courts would skyrocket! When people are in their right senses itself, they create havoc, and imagine if their brains were to be blurred out, what extent they would go on a rampage………….. I wouldnt be coming home from office then 😦 And we already have people coming to office permanently in high spirits, this would be treated as an incentive to come to work then……

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