Power transfer and other stories

The latest drama being enacted by JD and BJP right under the nose of cogress man Thakur is quite amusing.

The best part of the joke in this case is how a politician promised another politician and forgot it – but the loser is allways the common man.

It is not the first time these things are happing in this vast country, only names of people and party affiliations change but end result remains the same.

JD somehow wanted to grab power and promised everything after 20 months, BJP in the power hungriness to grab power some how in the southern state took the gamble. It is just not that both the parties are great. The tussle is for power so that the black deads of these politicians can be buried for ever.

Jr Gowda knows that BJP will silently bray for his blood in terms of exposing NICE onwards all his misdeeds and thats the actual bottleneck for him.

Elsewhere in the southern India, its once again action hero Karunanidhi and BJP. Lord Rama as usually is dragged into the contravarcy. Best situation would be somebody files a PIL in court and the case goes on forever ( Remember Ayodhya?) and we can put all the speculations to rest.


3 Responses to Power transfer and other stories

  1. This is going no where and more over our news channels are hogging on this news more than anything. I now keep forgetting who is hand shaking with whom and what dates are given as deciding dates to discuss with whom… Its totally messed up..

    The best thing is to make our people choose their CM directly.. how about SMS ? 🙂

  2. Veena,
    SMS scam is pending then 🙂

    In fact many parties have publicly shown how the voting machines can be tampered with but people directy selecting the PM with probation period is a wonderfully good idea. The pack of wolves who eat into peoples flesh can then eat each other ….

    Am fed up with 20-20 matches of politicians , cricket hogging lime light every where.

  3. Vijay says:

    @Veena:If we use SMS we migh end up choosing the Indian Idol guy 😉

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