Arjun & Cough Syrup

Shwetha and Tharun met in the pre-university and enjoyed each other’s company very much. As life would have it they fell in love and married. As proof of their love, little Arjun was born.

As both partners understood and agreed, Tharun held his steady sales job while Shwetha decided to take a 3 year break from career to ensure Arjun gets a proper grounding and much needed love.

Like any other couple, they too had their difference and agreements on various issues including buying a site on moon.

Arjun had grown up now to be that walking toddler who had the ambition to check out everything. It so happened one day, that while waving good bye to the toddler, Tharun noticed that medicine – cough syrup was kept near the TV and warned Shwetha to keep it away from prying hands of Arjun, lest he pulled the bottle and it broke and hurt him. Shwetha nodded her head with plans of many uncompleted works for the day.

Tharun got a panicky call from shwetha in near tears. She was saying something about Arjun and medicine. Tharun aborted his sales call and rushed to house.

On entering his house, he saw the dead body of Arjun – due to drinking the 60ml sweet cough syrup and inconsolable shwetha…

What would you do being in tharuns shoes, what would be your exact words?


12 Responses to Arjun & Cough Syrup

  1. neel3 says:

    En sir, Tv serial scriptwriter aagbitraa…natural flow ide.Another feather in your cap.

  2. Vani says:

    Good Lord, U have written one of my “This happened to me” experiences Mohan……

    I am not sure if Tharun would be sad because of what happened to Arjun, or be angry with Shwetha for neglecting him….tough call. Immediate reaction would be anger, because he had warned Shwetha about it, but after all, she too is facing the same loss…….

  3. Neel3,
    Thanks for raising my ego a little bit 🙂 Now i too can bore people and make them cry at will….. Ille ree definetly not having such ideas but thanks again.

    Thought you were enjoying the break in some hawain islands….Hmm… you have only given the emotion of anger…but what would you DO? I will wait to give the answer 😉

  4. Prasanna Sastry says:

    Initial words should be that he should console Shwetha for the demise of the
    loved ones. but not reaction

    Later he can introspect where it went wrong. I think instead of telling shwetha to remove the cough syrup knowing of the consequences he shud have himself done it.

    If it was ekta kapoor or Bollywood then some miracle would happen like some flowervase falling on Arjun’s chest and sudden vomitting ………………..

  5. Chitra says:

    Very tough! Of course I would pick up the child’s body up almost immediately. But, what would my words be?

    Prasanna Sastry’s Ekta Kappor prediction, very funny!

  6. Veena says:

    ree Mohan, movie scripting barithira hege.. “As a proof of their love the little arjun was born” anthe.. oLLe Julie movie script idda haage ide idu… 🙂

    alla ree cough syrup kudidu maguna saayisoda ?

    Anyway, This sounded like tests for checking your emotional quotient…!
    forget about being in Tarun’s shoes.. think about that poor lady.. If I were there, I would attempt all different ways to bring back Arjun to this earth (something of Ekta kapoor’s trick)… Just reading the post, I can see prashanth screaming at me… Ha Ha.. 🙂

    On a similar lines,
    In one of the job interviews(at US) one such kind of question was asked.
    How do you feel if I call your mom a propostitute…?
    and many candidates were spurred with anger and the best answer to this question was…
    “I don’t mind if my dad was the only customer”….

    Enri yaavdaadru behavioral training attend maadi bandra hege ? hmm…..

  7. Cuckoo says:

    Hmmm… very tough. First reaction would be anger of course.

  8. greatunknown says:

    “Son, I told you not to hit the bottle so early in life!”

  9. Dear ALL,

    Thanks for all your comments,views and exclamations.

    In general everybody has answered about emotional issue and anger in general – which i assume is correct for every body beloinging to the general merit 🙂 candidates.

    The best answer despite the worst scario goes to the greatunknown anand balaji who despite the sad saga has been able to change it to a funny one with one stroke of his sentence – Wow.

    Wayback in 1990’s when i did not know what to do in spare time, used to hit the free (10 Rupees entereance) personality development classes as veena has guessed it correctly and this was one of such questions to audience.

    The correct answer is – hold your breath “I Love you my darling”.

    Now you can exhale!!!

    The logic is that by shouting on the poor shewtha, the relationship suffers as damage can not be reversed and the kind lady in double grief needs support and if it comes from husband, it solves the problem. In fact the mediator of that course went on to say that he had picked it up from some great guys book (dont remember the name) thought. In fact if he starts loving her and forgiving her, the story may repeat with Arjun 2.0 being given birth and more control excercised over trivia to ensure the story atleast does not repeat.

    Thanks for being awake for so long.

  10. Veena says:

    10 Rs entrance for personality development classes! hmm.. you can add this to that 1USD = 1 INR list 🙂

  11. Veena,
    Mam, we used to get a princly salary of 2200 INR per month those days 🙂

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