Petro Price hike – the real rise

June 24, 2008

If the common man is reeling under the direct hike of petrol and diesel, there is a new type of harrassment he is facing.

We are NOT talking about double digit inflation, but about the way petroleum companies are forcing the common man to pay much higher prices. Yes, allmost all the petrol bunks have stopped selling the ordinary petrol ( that costs the sky!) and instead are offering the speed, xtra versions which cost 4 to 6 rupees extra. The answer is there is NO STOCK of regular petrol.

Today, there was large scale hunting of motorists in Bangalore trying to find out the cheaper ordinary petrol – at this rate, these unwanted variants have jacked up the cost by near 10 Rupees. Something we can ill afford

Days of agitation gujjar style is not far off if the government does not wake up and ensure enough petro stocks – we should be otherwise ready for 25% inflation.