Cricket team for sale…

The high profile cricket has been sold to some leading star walts like Ambani, Mallya some actors like SRK, priety zinta…

The amounts invovled are quite staggering – some stupid US$ 119!!!

Even at the  lowly rate the US dollor is trading this is a few crores!! Imagine what would happen to this legal – white money ( Remember the money is coming from top industrialists and actors) next?

Guess is BCCI will fill up its coffers and in an yet undisclosed scam, these monies would be sifoned off by sharad and gang. Otherwise prey tell me where all the money has gone that has come BCCI’s way all these days? Dont tell me you spent it on charity please.

Even if the great people instead of sponsoring this stupid match, donated it to some NGO’s active in rural india or even setup infrastructure to handle medical emergencies, schools – that is meaningfull expenditure but this is waste of resources.

Citing the global village, only the indian army is next up for sale er sponsorship. Today SRK has stated that he would like Ganguly to be the captain. Continuing the same logic, the army would wage a war on USA just because a radical sponsored the same!!

As a last parting shot, can BCCI atleast enmark some funds for upgrading the Indian games like hockey, kabbadi et all?

10 Responses to Cricket team for sale…

  1. neel3 says:

    Some how this reminded me of cock fights in village chowks…..

  2. praneshachar says:

    I have no reason at all to have any point objecting on your very thought provoking point
    yes what all these people do with the hefty sum. I fully agree with you had they donated a portion of this for a social cause many would have been bebefitted who are in real need for help. alas!!!!! this is my country mera bharat. let some good senses prevail on BCCI to earmark a % for social cause, a% for promoting other sports of the country. Atleast this happens some justice is done but Q is who will bell the cat? whether it is kerry packer or kapil league or BCCI league BIG M is behind every chapter.
    right time for right introspection great work keep it up

  3. Neel3,
    Ooh you are defining politics too 🙂

    Unfortunatey none of the stars including BCCI will ever read this – but like all good polticians say – my concience is clear. Thanks sir.

  4. neela says:

    Waiting for your take on the budget….

  5. Shivu says:

    If you have so much of helping nature dont comment on others , you first donate to NGO ok. Now i think thats fine.

  6. Neela,
    There are so many shows on TV for this budget but the main theme is essentially ELEcTIONS!! Dubious as it looks, how come suddenly FM thinks he should help individual tax payers just this year, even though many commities have suggested to rationalized the same as way back as 2002-2003!! Also FM making the transaction tax void from this year shows he was clearly having an idea of tormenting but there are truck loads of black money which runs a parallel economy – no action/thoughts for that!

    What we need is a budget prepared by a team of visionaries not these election crazy jokers for real development of india. We lack leaders from Mohandas Gandhi to Prof Kalam.


    How do you know that myself is not donating please? Looks like you love cricket so much!!!

    There is something called empathy due to which people like me have a weakness to sympathise, but do not mistake that such souls dont take action and only comment.

    Think about it pls.

    thanks for your comments though

  7. Veena says:

    Mohan, its high time that you should write. Missing all those financial funda.. I was expecting a post on the dollar rate..

    Have been hearing about Quest net(Referral marketing) scam..You can visit Mohans blog post here,

  8. M O H A N says:

    Dear veena,
    Time is coming at a premium with year end 😦

    The US economy is slowing down and one of the visible parameters of the same is a weaking dollor. It was a known fact and pending to happen from at least 2 years. Everybody kept on thinking it will happen next month and by then, i would break even – alas, the markets have their own mind.

    Dollor story has many learnings for our central banks which attemp to mimic the US truesary and we need to watch and wait how the US govt comes out of it. The US sponsored IMF has failed in bailing out thailand, south american economies based on their models and hence this apprehension.

    As a retail investor one would need to stick to blue chips which yield marginal dividends above inflation. People who dont understand equites should use things like mutual funds. As warren buffet puts it, done put money in something you dont understand.

    Jobs are being cut – everywhere and the feare stalks the IT industry more. Hope this lesson teaches people the fundamentals of something called saving!!


  9. neela says:

    The end of financial year must have kept you the same time it must have given some fodder for your unique laugh it out series..
    Please come out with the next episode ..

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