Living till 800! Whew..

Yes, thats what the latest technological break through is…

Scientists have reported that they have identified a single strain in yeast cell genes which are very similar to human genes and with some alteration, the yeast can live as long as 800 years with no side effects!!!!

This news made my head go into a tail spin.

Who would like to live so long?

Thoughts of sonia, mayawathi, Gowdara gang etc danced before my eyes – i pinched myself assuming this was my worst nightmare, no its true. Hope the scientists dont get into this discovery..please God no.

What do you folks think?


7 Responses to Living till 800! Whew..

  1. Vijay says:

    An 800 year old Deve Gowda is definitely a scary thought 😦

  2. Harsha says:

    800 years??? We will definitely need another earth for living then.. I too hope lets not scientists do their best.. πŸ™‚

  3. @vijay,
    Gives me the scare of the lifetime!

    It would be devestiating on mother earth to tolarate the over population and depletion of resources. Probably we would be fit to live till 800 but would die of starvation at 50!!

  4. Srik says:

    I want to live 800 years….if possible more than that!!
    But I’d prefer no Deve Gowda along with me then!!

  5. neel3 says:

    abba !! 800 years…
    pollution would have become so dense that we would need a window wiper like intrument to walk about!!
    and have you estimated the danger from ku Maranna’s and Revanna’s santati ..many of them will be DG’s aparaavataaraas ?

  6. praneshachar says:

    800 years amdist these jokers called politicians and corrupt bureacrats. beda sir beda. swalp daya tori inthadella kandu hididiu nammanna jithada alugalannagi parivarthisa bedi.
    igiruva life span bekadashtu aitu to see the overall situation and going thro all phases of life.

  7. Srik,
    Good to see one person standing up but you cant wish away the G gang!!!

    Obviously the scientists didnt factor in these things when they made the statement!!!
    This is just like a cockroach can live for 120 years provided you dont decide to wap it with a broom on sight!!!

    Pranesh sir,
    πŸ™‚ My feelings too sir. Remember beeshma of Mahabharatha ?

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