Laugh it out … 22

Ramashastry and subba shastry were the only 2 priests of the village. They officiated in all cermonies of the village from birth to death.

In the recent ramanavami celebrations, the harikathe dasa quoted the scriptures and said ‘those who give a cow in alm, would not suffer at the hands of yama’s world’. Villagers thought and mulled about it but the guitly concience of many got provoked.

Immideatly many villagers started giving a cow as alm to subbashastry who was junior to ramashastry. Seeing subbu getting rich by cows on daily basis, he approached him and told “subbu – dont you know what the scriptures say about taking a cow as alm? You will be hanged upside down in naraka from only one thread of the cows tail”. Subbu exclaimed “is it so?”. A beaming ramashastry went his way for having corrected an erring junior.

Next day there was a big board in front of subbashastries house which proclaimed “Cows will be taken as alms – get rid of all your sins”.

Seeing this, ramashastry in seething anger rushed into his house and shouted at him – “Subba shastry – did I not warn you about the compexities of accepting cows as alm?”

Subbu smiled and meekly said “Yes sir i did understand”.

Then what is this board telling me – can you explain?

Subbu scratched his big head, joshling his tummy so that the last days vada could sit happily in his tummy replied. ” Sir, if i take a single cow, its one thread of that cow – if I take a bunch say 50 or 100, those threads togather would become a good rope and there would be no harm to me right?”

Rama shastry returned aghast home, decided to leave the village for good!


5 Responses to Laugh it out … 22

  1. neel3 says:

    artha aaglilla,sir.
    rope thick idroo saaytanalla ??

  2. M O H A N says:

    Oops! Sorry for the wrong picture painted. It seems by reading that its misleading!!

    Actually he would be hanged UPSIDE DOWN by leg with just one thread of cows tail for one alm acceptence. Below is burning water in a claudron. So the intelligent priest goes for taking so many cows, that the bundle of threads make a fat rope and he would be happily hanging upside down !!!

  3. neel3 says:

    Oh !! hangaadre Subbu Shastry jaaNa . Olle chaLi gaaladalli reverse panchakarma idhange…bisi eNNe mele lightaagi steaming enjoy maadirbeku !! 😉

  4. praneshachar says:

    thanks for the clarification on neelas query now it is complete and really cool. after a long time luaght it out series back here good one and keep going

  5. praneshachar,
    BY popular demand sir!…

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