Laugh it out … 20

The pair of glamorus actor mother and upcoming daughter pair were allways on the party circuit. One day in one of such parties, one of them asked the mother ‘how old would you be’.

Taken little aback at the direct question, mother with a trusted smile hiding the wrinkles replied ‘Not a day older than 26 my dear’.

The same question re-appeared in different party circuites and to the alarm of the daugther, based on the number of pegs working inside mother, the number dwindled to a near 15 plus.

It was one of such rave parties when the same question popped up – now a days more for the fun than the fact and before mother could tell the routine smile and splurt stuff, daughter hastily pulled mother aside and wispered “Tell them any number you want, I dont really care but make sure you keep atleast 9 months between our ages please”.


5 Responses to Laugh it out … 20

  1. neel3 says:

    yaaro be haar ees irbeku.
    alli retire aago varshadalli sudden aagi ondu affidavit file of birth revise maadisalu.amele innu 4-5 varsha karyarataraagirtaare…

  2. praneshachar says:

    sakkattagide mohan last line advise of daughter hahahaha

  3. Neel3,
    Ooops… a standard Govt employee practice!!


  4. neela says:

    Laugh it out maadi tumbaa dinavaitalla….
    no. 21 yaavaaga

  5. Neela,
    Yes, 21 is out now!

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