Laugh it out … 17

There was this little child living with a big family and had stammering and trouble in spelling words. His good mother had made him to tell ‘sing’ for ‘sue,sue’. Sue = Urge to urinate in Hindi.

All went well till holidays and the kid with its elder sister went to village to visit their grand parents. At the dead of the night the kid wanted to go to bathroom and woke up its grand dad.

Child: Ramu thatha I want to sing.

Ramu: No my child, its night now. Go to sleep and morning you can sing.

Child: No thatha, its urgent. I have to sing

Ramu: Turn that side and sleep, you dont have to sing now.

Child: I will cry, if I can not sing now…its urgent.

Ramu: OK,ok… sing but dont wake up the whole world. Sing with very little noise into my ears.


7 Responses to Laugh it out … 17

  1. Prasanna Sastry says:

    Mohanavare Nimma Posts Kammi agoithu. Yeshtondu 2ns part 3rd Part antha kodathaiddari.

  2. Veena,
    Just nakkubidi 😉

    Sastry sir,
    What madodu sir, time illa!

  3. neel3 says:

    this reminded me of a singsong way V would make fun of suswagata: susu aagata…

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