Laugh it out … 16

The junior theif was on training and went out regularly to watch out for opportunities at night. One day both the senior and junior sighted a open window and got into the house. Skillfully they managed to break into the almirah and were at the last leg of polishing off all the ornaments from the pooja room and as destiny would have it, junior stumbled and a silver bowl fell with a great thud to ground and awoke the old lady of the hosue sleeping near the pooja room.

Who is that – she asked.

Meow, meow said the senior theif.

The lady turned sides and fell asleep and scolding the junior both made away with their loot and the junior learnt a valuble lesson of trade.

After considerable amount of training junior started off on his own in a new area. As destiny would have it he got into similar trouble by dropping a vessel in kitchen this time. The land lady again asked “who is that”.

Junior replied “its only a cat”.

Junior is now counting the bars as well as the beatings given by the local people till day light.


4 Responses to Laugh it out … 16

  1. Hahhahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  2. Veena says:

    difference between a project manager and a team member..(in a customer call?)

  3. Srik,

    What an apt title!!!

    Too much of professionalasum or experience re?

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