Laugh it out … 15

Eat to your hearts content. Bill?? Dont worry your son will pay it!

So went the proclomation at a restaurant and gunda was all grins and sat with a thump on the chair and ordered a kings lunch.

At the end of the sumuptous lunch, came the regular bill in 4 digits. A Smiling gunda, pointed to the board outside and said “My son will pay it”.

Equally amused waiter politely said “Offcourse sir. Your bill will be paid by your son but this is your fathers bill”.


5 Responses to Laugh it out … 15

  1. Srik says:

    This is an ultimate smart act. super LIO!!
    Great going sir.

  2. Ahhh…we need to warn the Junior right away 😉

  3. harshaonline says:


  4. Srik,

    december stud,
    Jr needs to check the bill before pecking!


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