Laugh it out … 14

Here is a spoof of a very old and well known story.

There is an IT guy who takes off from hectic work schedule to a jungle with full flora and funa for hiking and enjoying the nature. He was holding hand in hand and romantically looking into his wife eyes, walking in the slush grass when abruptly his wife fell into a well which was not covered.

The IT guy shouted F1 (Help) but no avail. He sat cross legged as taught in his weekend yoga sessions and prayed to god. Alas, God who just heard the cries came in front of the IT guy and asked what happened. The IT guy blurted his wife had fallen into the well and he coudnt live without her.

God, went personally down and brought out a beautifull looking Aishwaraya rai and asked – is this your wife? The IT guy in a blink said “NO”.

God, again dived and brought out a young Laura dutta and asked – is this your wife. The IT guy thought and said “Yes…yes…thanks for saving her life”.

God was angry and puzzled. He asked the IT guy – “I was happy you told me the truth first time but what is the logic of telling lies next?”

The IT guy reasoned and said “Had I said this is not my wife, you would have gone down, brought my wife up and for the truthfullness would have let me live with all the three of them just like with the wood cutters golden,silver and iron axe – but its impossible to live with one wife – how to live with 3 of them where 2 of them are stars?”

With a flash God disappeared laughing.


4 Responses to Laugh it out … 14

  1. Hhaaha…. thats really funny! 🙂 God I missed your blog…

  2. praneshachar says:

    good creation from wood cutters story nice one keep the lughter series on

  3. neel3 says:

    ellidra mohanji ? missed your posts.
    neevu flora, fauna hudkondu hogidraa… 🙂

  4. Dear all,
    Nice to see you enjoyed it!.

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