Laugh it out … 13

In that red indian settlement the witch doctor was quite popular – so much that chiefs of surrounding villages used to visit and get cured. On one such occassion one of the chieftens sent his aide to get a cure for constipation.

The witch doctor woke up from the slumber and asked the aide what was his problem. He said Big chief no shit. The witch doctor smiled despite wrinkles on his face and handed over a vail of medicinal pills and said ‘One at sun up, one at sun down, meet me next full moon’.

The chief took the medicine on first day – there was no relief, he doubled the dose on third day no relief, in desperation he emptied the vail on 5th day into his mouth.

Next full moon, the witch doctor did not see the aide whom he had given medicine previous week and summoned him. He asked for results. The aide replied ‘Big shit no chief’.


6 Responses to Laugh it out … 13

  1. neela says:


  2. Quite funny, but were they really speaking English? πŸ˜€

  3. Black King,
    Translated to english :-)… YOu got a valid question there.

  4. praneshachar says:

    mohan sir repeat agide laughter no. 5 I think
    still it is like revision good one and english suits well for this

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