Dawood Bhai..please come back

Dear Dawood bhai,

It was sad to hear that your own homeland is trying to finish you off. Please dont make the mistake and stay back another day and fall into their traps – we all know how golden your heart is. Do come back to India so that:

You can get arrested and go to jail for 3 months after which you can come out on bail.All heroes and leaders have started off like this ( mostly on sec 420). The cases go on for 16 long years minimum during which time you can join any political party including launching your own and you can take up the next general elections.

Normaly its money power, muscle power and lung power in that order to succeed as a politician and you have all the charishma and definetly will win the elections.

Once you reach the pedestal of MP, there is no looking back, every party will join hand with you to form the Government and your proven track record will help there. The court cases can be then ‘taken care off’ by that time.

Why do you want to take the risk of getting eliminated when you can shine like the golden star? Please come lead us.


Lallu allo prashad,Ravan vilas , Sania , MP carrot, Goldenappa, Winking naidu.


13 Responses to Dawood Bhai..please come back

  1. Srik says:

    Goldenappa….ahhahahahaha ROFL…!! 😀

    But the sad wit in this email will go long way!

  2. neela says:

    mohan bhai.. thank you for coming back to world of humour from the world of finance.
    I only know how to spend..
    and moreover I missed your’ laugh it out’ posts.

  3. Nice, nice… and you forgot to mention that he will also not need to hire any goons! He’ll have them already.

  4. Vijay says:

    Funny funny stuff… I agree with Neela.. I enjoy these more than the finance posts …

  5. Kaushik,
    Glad you liked it. Welcome to this site.

    VIjay, neela,
    OK.. 🙂

    The black king,
    In fact he has a track record of implementing those goons sucessfully too…what an immature politican lacks initialy!

    Keep smiling, smile is golden!

  6. Prasanna Sastry says:

    Mohan avare, Not fair on your part to laugh at our judiciary that it takes 16 yrs
    for judgement……… You cant suddenly take up a recent case of 2007 leaving behind the older ones. With minimum judges with hostile eye witnesses, changing govts, retiring cops , dying victims . Do you think you can solve 1 case given to you in 30 days ?

    We common man dont dare to sign a surety papers for our dear friend’s home loan thinking what might happen if he defaults, due you think he will sign a FIR even though he has seen a murder of some xyz.

    Its ok as a humour side but reality is something else.

  7. Sastry sir,
    What am stating is facts siru…

    There is a saying “Justice delayed is justice denied” so imagine the plight of people who were killed and verdict out now…

    The problem is with the system and this is being followed by everybody in last 80 years..hightime it gets changed. The problem is unique to indian courts only and brits are laughing at us as they have moved forward but we still follow thier 1912 penal codes..

    We can even include corruption with judges etc…

    Overall the above post is a collection of facts however sad it may be…anu anthere?

  8. pArijAta says:

    Good one. But it made me queasy, thinking about the sad, sad state of our country and her politicians.

    Agree with neela. Nice change from Finance 🙂

  9. pArijAta,
    Definetly will consider your views! 🙂

  10. sadiq says:

    ilove dawood bhai my dreem is in the future am also dawood sadiq(don) matlab future me my be dawood bhai ke jaisa don banunga.

  11. vipin soni says:

    aapka sabse bada fan……..i lve u daood bhai.

  12. rajni says:

    i wan join ur group bhai………..

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