Why do People Honk?

This was the question that came up to my mind when a cacophony greeted me in a traffic jam. Honestly the following could be the answers :

  • The driver is irritated of some unfinished business – mostly needs to reach office on time pending which he would be marked absent for half day, people working on commissions would have kept somebody waiting for closing a deal which would in turn earn them their fat commission and finally the business guy who would loose a deal worth a few lakhs if the appointment is skipped.
  • Student has to be dropped at school/somebodies house before test begins or the event happens.
  • Doctor has many patients waiting in many multispeciality hospital around the city and they are even late for their Operation theatres..
  • Husbend/wife has told the other to wait at some point and not turned up in a line 2 times, this is the last and final call. (We can replay this scenario for collage kids)
  • There are people running to movie theatres, trains, flights…

But all the above root causes still did not answer why they honk!! May be that is the universal way of singalling that am waiting and let me go. When vehicle is being driven, people honk for asking way but now a days they honk when the waiting at traffic singals is more than 2 minutes…

All said and done, one thing is for sure – “how ever carefull you plan your itenary, city travel ensures your programme is thrown out of gear” – thanks to rains, jams, VIP nethas etc. The lack of civic driving is the utmost important thing our mobs have ignored and paying this price i suppose!


10 Responses to Why do People Honk?

  1. shark says:

    and some honk just for the heck of it!
    Imagine you are struck in a traffic jam and you get honked at.. for what, apparently no reason. Some believe that just by honking the traffic will move 🙂

    There is still 10 full seconds for the traffic light to turn green, people at the back start honking already.. as if people at the front will forget to move when the light turns green, and it’s their sole responsibility to remind them 😛

  2. Vijay says:

    @Shark: lol

    Its become an impulsive thing.. we honk at lights, at crossings,when we see someone backing on to the street..

  3. Prashanth M says:

    to add to the list – manenalli hendati kaili baiskondu bandu aa sittanna horn mele torsodu :p

  4. Veena says:

    modus operandi for moving ahead!

    u can as well write a post on the weird tunes they set for their horns and reversing. Just think of it, u are peacefully sleeping at 11 in the night and uy hear some music thats being played so loud!! 😦

  5. Shark, Vijay
    Yes – this is what made me do this post

    You have a point which is extremly valid – even though funny but you can add boss to the list there.

    100% agree with you. THe highest amount of disrespect is for the national anthem – would like to kill the guy who invented this nonsence. Early morning my next road neighbours go for a jog in lalbagh and by taking the car out, wake up the entire neighbourhood when its silent early morning

    Recent studies have proved that increased noise levels of honking beyound 65 db raises blood pressure!

  6. praneshachar says:

    taking a patient with appointment and if U are not there at appointed time you have to wait till specialist completes all the others (it is like this with some doctors)
    you could not start early due to various reaons to airport and all your calcultions have gone heyway due to jams and you ressurise the driver to somehow go where he will go
    he will honk
    some just by habit the moment you are in signal honk it is automatic for them

  7. Praneshachar,
    welcome back after the longest break!!

  8. neela says:

    en maadidru namma mane hatra iruva school makkaLige horn keLisolla, vehicle kaaNisodilla.
    they can only see their friends. They just decide to jump across the road.
    And our road is steep uphill for us while going to our school. For the kids it is jolly sliding down the slope for their school !!

    yaava muttaLa residential area +steep slope nalli schoolge license kotta…

  9. We must have the US style suing system in place — neta delays you for office due to his procession? Just sue him and get your money!! 🙂

  10. vivek says:

    I just had to read this today. Was stuck in a jam on the way home. at 12:30, can you believe it? An old uncle honked the top of my card down.


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