Reliance – A misnomer

BSNL land lines in our area has been perpetually giving headaches to every user. The phone is more dead than alive. I personally went to the exchange after umpteen complaints and fixes to figure out what the problem was.

The officials confessed that the exchange is too overloaded and hence at the drop of a pin the lines get out of order – no complaining or escalation worked. In fact the line man privately confessed that he make the phone go dead in “round robin leauge – so that other phones get some dail tone too”.

Instead of fuming and raising my blood pressure – decided to celebrate the 13th day of the departed telephone and surrender it with full state honour and pomp this week.

Alternatively I just purchased a Reliance handset with connection to use at house as it was costwise cheaper but never knew quality was at its worst.

The final joke dawned on to me what reliance meant when I was accidental in overhearing a customer who came and requsted that customer care is not picking his phone but saying “Punch a SMS query and send to some number”.

The reliance outlet dealer smiled and told him to try from another number. After he was gone and while I was still waiting to be serviced, another guy asked the owner of the shop why that had happened.

The shop owner with full smile told like the oracle “He would have called too many times and ate their heads…so they put such idiots on SMS to ensure they dont trouble the customer care with stupid questions”.

So – this is the deal you get for having paid and asking the right questions. No consumer can be treated like this but it was too late for me to realize. However the reliance network sucks – you can not make a call in most of the time and now am wondering why I have purchased it in the first place.

The moral of the story is “You just cant relay on reliance for your communication needs”. So between the BSNL (devil) and Reliance(deep sea) who is the best of all?


15 Responses to Reliance – A misnomer

  1. Right on…….I was in India for several months this year and had TONS of issues with my parents’ reliance mobile.

    The outgoing calls were suddenly blocked several times and the reason they gave was that I somehow defaulted and didn’t pay previous month’s bill. That was bull, they can’t get a person who is more prmpt than me (well, almost). Every time it turned out that their system was somehow not updated. They sheepishly apologized.

    And, the reliance customer care center near my home had a credit card reader, but apparently didn’t have permissions from Ma-Reliance to use it. So, I had to drive 10 Kms if I wanted to use credit card.

    I made the mistake of connecting to the net through the mobile. They not only billed me wrong, but data connections magically screwed up vpoice connections. And, it took them a week to figure out the whole thing.

    And finally, after my father’s death, I went to get the name changed. I had all the required documents including my mother’s passpoert copy, photos etc. Oh well, they said the whole thing is quite complicated. Instead they suggested that it really doesn’t matter that the phone is in my father’s name. They said that they just cared that the money is paid promptly, that’s all.

    Needless to say, I love Reliance as much as you do.

  2. mouna says:

    to opt between reliance and bsnl, i’d go for the latter. i too have heard stories(nasty ones) about reliance. atleast the bsnl people sound pretty accountable.

  3. pArijAta says:

    With BSNL, the quality is pretty okay, but customer service sucks. There was a problem with our broadband connection last week, and we had a huge problem convincing those guys that the problem was at their end, not at ours.
    Airtel is supposedly a lot better, afaik.

  4. Prashanth M says:

    BSNL anytime… I won’t say it’s best, but better in the league. I don’t have a connection in B’lore, but at hometown have got both land line & prepaid mobile. Mobile phone no issues at all & land line whenever it goes to coma, gets repaired within an hour or two after registering the complaint…

    Moral: relocate to country side… πŸ˜›

  5. Tsk tsk… you should say, east or west, the postal system is the best — at least chitthi jaati to hai!

  6. Vijay says:

    Interesting post… Yesterday I went to the BSNL office to pick up an application for their broadband services. I was told it takes a minimum of 1 month !!!

    When I asked the guy about that fact, he was so embarassed. He told he “Sir we are so ashamed of this.. thats the reason we went on strike (on July 11)”… he told me that political interference was scuttling every expansion project they have…

    However the private guys come with their own sets of problems.. I have a reliance wireless connection and sometimes have the same problem DS mentions above… their billing system SUCKS (thats putting it mildly)

  7. Dear all,
    Some wisdom in all our experiences…
    a) Move to rural and you get a better deal – Prashanth
    b) Ignore post paid – Use prepaid
    c) Avoid customer care like plague,cholera
    d) Postal service is better comapred to voice!

    Hope we dont have to revert to pegions soon!

  8. Prashanth M says:

    Why not use drums for messaging like in Phantom stories πŸ˜›

  9. Shashikiran says:

    I read your post only now: tomorrow, Reliance will install broadband in my home. I applied because BSNL was mostly dead. Now, after reading this…

  10. Veena says:

    BSNL specially during weekends , its hard to connect. It says the link is excellent but the limited access or no connectivity. Not too sure if the users are more than the bandwidth they can support.
    But manageable πŸ™‚

  11. Veena says:

    to add, reliance service is good on the international phone cards. cost wise and quality wise.

  12. bachodi says:

    ha ha BaNaleyinda Benkige beddange πŸ˜‰

  13. Prashanth,
    Maybe again OK for rural areas, but with noise pollution in urban areas, its not feasible πŸ˜‰

    Sashikiran, Veena
    Sorry dear… Expect the worst and hope for the worst. But every one of them are best in selected pockets untill offcourse overload occurs and they ignore it.

    Thats old saying sir. Now its jumping from one benki to another benki…. there is no respite. One is blessed to have a hassle free life!!

    Utilmately the service provider has to constantly watch usage pattern and upgrade accordingly – otherwise these issues continue for ever.

  14. Prasanna Sastry says:

    BSNL is an exellent service provider, as long as you dont have too much of
    other expectations with them. Regarding the telephone services people need
    not worry since all the problems have been outsourced with strict SLAs. So far atleast in the cities where we all live you might not expect a outage of a telephone for more than 24 hrs.

    Regarding the DSL(Broadband) its all numbers and the majority of the connections are given to UPA led states which was decided by Maran now on Raja. That is why if there is a shortage in state like Karnataka since not a part of UPA allaiance here in hyd the unused DSL Modems are lying usused .DE is calls me daily and requestd me to convert existing landline to a DSL (free) he just want to see one less DSL Modem in his inventory

    What can the bangalore telephones do under such circumstances ??

  15. Sastry sir,
    Is having a trouble free land line for which we are paying rentals regularly too much to ask sir? BSNL has failed on that count to more than 2500 customers for last 1.5 months in our area – I used to have these problems in another exchange 10 years back and forced to believe that BSNL does NOT CARE ABOUT CUSTOMERS – there may be some good meaning souls there who try their level best to help – but thats the end of story – a good PSU going down the drains.

    Its shocking to read about politicians playing with tenders…. In 1990’s we were at the mercy of BSNL , thanks to privatizatin yesterday, there was a big queue where people surrendered their connections en masse to protest our area problems and all the employees could do was grin so that work load for the accounts department comes down.

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