Kids and Tution

The word tution was heard by us when students consistenly fell behind in studies and got scoldings from teachers, parents labelling them “week”, finally to be pushed into extra boaring classes around high school times.

This is a fancy word- dont know if it rhymes with fashion!! I hear 1st standard kids, hardly out of pre-nursery join such tutions!!

Little alarmed at the prospect of that, did some ground scratching and came up with the following answers:

a) Most home works are to be done by parents – who dont just have the time for it and transport the workload to paid tution teachers. The essential bonding with parent /kid and real time feedback is missing here.

b) Some send them to tutions as the teachers at school are not properly trained. Many school principals openly confess and blame the IT/BT shift business who pull away good english speaking teachers by doubling their salaries and they have to make do with Graduate teachers in private schools who dont know how to handle the kids.

c) Its a sense of false alarm for many parents. This minsicule but growing group try to forsee an engineer or something and in thier mad rush, pressurize the kids.

d)There are some kids who have to be taught differently and tutions dont help there. This goes un-noticed. Not all kids are blessed equally but some are more equal.

Does your ward attend tutions for any of other reasons? My junior does NOT.


6 Responses to Kids and Tution

  1. Mohan, program/projets managers should plan up the project schedules in such a way that the working mothers go home andd teaches their kids..isn’t…? 🙂

    My dad always implanted the thought that only weak guys attends tution, so it completely depends on the parents!!…. while some thinks, more the coaching the better the kid is…..and send them to another sub-school after the main school..

    well, sometime it might be genuine need also alva?

  2. I agree….even my parents were of the opinion that only ‘weak’ kids need to go to tutions. I certainly agree.

    Unfortunately, the system is rapidly changing in India and as Mohan righly pointed out, it seems like fashin nowadays, a sense of rpestige, I guess.

    I certainly tend to question the ‘intelligence’ of the parents who send their first standard kid for tutuions…Oh well, I am dunb!!!

  3. I can think of a few other factors — peer pressure: everyone else’s kid in the complex is going to a tuition, you will think thrice before deciding that your kid doesn’t need one. Second, there is the whole factor of seeing your kid do well, no matter what the price. Now, if tuitions are going to ensure that your kid at least studies for some fixed part of the day, and thereby you can wash your hands off all responsibility, it seems a soft way out. And then, there are of course the factors that you’ve mentioned! God, when will true education spread the light?

  4. Veena,
    🙂 In our office ladies are NOT expected to work beyond 7.30PM max… But they stay back just for other reasons 😉

    Yes offcourse some are genuine, In my school days those wards were identified and the school itself took extra coaching sessions. I still remember the free SSLC coaching classes by yuvakara sangha at basavanagudi…

    Alas as black king says …. when will true education spread light?

    December stud, Black King,
    Thanks. You have re-inforced my ideas…. its pear pressure and forced feeding.

  5. bachodi says:

    Yes during my schooling too , tuition is for the “weak”. Its astonishing that it is fashion now

  6. Bachodi,
    🙂 Hope those parents out there understand this and stop harrassing the kids. Kids are kids.

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