Death and Holidays

It is in Indian tradition not to speak ill of a person when he/she is dead and departs. The soul is considered supreme menifestation of the God and hence no prejudice attached.

Junior was the most thrilled person as there was a holiday today due to the demise of ex-prime minister of India. I could see the effects early morning itself. There was no Government offices functioning, roads were quite free, lesser pollution. But pray, do we need this?

The kids get these kinds of accumulated holidays for various reasons of death due to destiny or death due to man making types we witnessed when another kannada idol departed this world. Ultimately these kids land up doing double study by year end leading to a snow ball effect. Doesnt our ministers understand this or too naive to ignore it?

Coming to the holiday part – its supposed to be spent in honour of the person and one and all should imbibe those good aspects in their day to day life – OK stop laughing please, that kind of idols dont exist anymore, even if they did – we ignore them and say “times of have changed you see”. But then what use is these holidays for kids, banks etc?

The Global climate increase has been dented by a days off!!


7 Responses to Death and Holidays

  1. neela says:

    When my son was a baby time management in the mornings invariably went haywire.

    adre late aadhangella ..evattu yaaraadru… annisbidtittu.
    absolutely unpardonable.

  2. Cuckoo says:

    Absolutely agree with you. tell me what we do on 2nd October, the so called birthday of Mahatma Gandhi ? We look forward to it as a holiday, if it clubs with a weekend, we plan for an outing.
    Where is Gandhi & his idolism gone ?

  3. mouna says:

    true. to pay our due respects, to remember that person, it hardly takes place. that fault lies partly in us. at the same time, such holidays should be cut.

  4. Neela,
    🙂 There are millions of indians doing it on daily basis!! More so on long weekends. I have fond memories of then Governor Giri dying, Sanjay gandhi next day. We came to school on 3rd day hoping like you!

    Cuckoo, mouna, black king
    Thanks for your support. One piece of info missing from main post is that Sri Lanka has the highet number of holidays listed and we should migrate there soon 😉

  5. pArijAta says:

    Even my little 2-year old’s playhome had a holiday on that day! I found that pretty funny 🙂

  6. ParijAta,
    Welcome to this site. Chidren at playhome dont understand death,values so it shows how artificial the concept of holiday itself is!

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