Its a Friday..


Thank God Its Friday has been the unianimous exclamation of the modern day working folks.

The Wiki tells very little of this acronym like it started in the America, it has become a relief of expressing that I have finally finished my work. There is also an anticipation of relaxation from partying etc at the end of the week.

TGIF restaurant link has actually capitalized on this and even announced discounts on friday happy hours!!.

Am happy its a Friday and not a manic monday.


7 Responses to Its a Friday..

  1. rk says:


    I discovered that TGIF is a very flexible acronym, whoever made it….because not only in English, even in South Indian languages it works out. Have a look:

    TGIF – Thandhe Govinda Ivatthu Friday (Kannada)

    TGIF – Tirumalai Govinda Inniki Friday (Tamil)

    TGIF – Thandri Govinda Iroju Friday (Telugu)

    TGIF – Thandha Govinda Inn Friday (Malayalam)

    Have a great weekend!!



  2. bachodi says:

    Is there anything called TGIS ?
    Naanu satday noo katte tara duditiddene.

  3. RK,
    You are at your best again!! Thanks.

    poor you, should be minting money in truck loads then ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. bachodi says:

    Ayyo illa saar,
    Ondu naya paisenu extra sigolla … ella hanebaraha/grahachara.

  5. Bachodi sir,
    What is this – hanebaraha/grahachara?

    I Dont believe that YOU believe in those ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. Bachodi sir,

    What is this…. Neevu grahachara – hanebaraha – I dont Believe that YOU believe those ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. neela says:

    @mohan : I agree. i am reminded of “hampi jaatre ,majjige paLadya “

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