God men and Unholy nexus.

This post was directly influenced by my friends discussion in one of the blogs. It was about god men and unholy aspects in life.

True, there are so many god men mostly fake with full featured acts,demo’s and what not to conjure up a picture of holiness – finally to cheat them. This happens from the unread woman selling fish to partying MBA something earning a fat cash salary.

Agreed that god men are hogwash but not all are in the same bandwidth. To say clearly not ever tomato there is rotten.

Science according to me is all about evolving. We need to move from one fixation to another. Most people tend to mistake scientific facts which are repeatable everywhere, everyplace as the ONLY GOSPEL truth otherwise its unscientific and ready for bashing.

Let me ask this simple stupid question – What is 1 Gramme? The correct answer is that piece/lump of metal kept at London Standards Institute as standard measure. My next statement may be queer but this definition is incomplete and any physics student will vouch that 1 Gramme is NOT 1 gramme everywhere on this earth- The gravity, humidity, heat among many things change this standard to less or more.

So is 1 Gramme scientific then? Absolutely – the answer depends on from which point you are viewing it. Same is the case of beliefs which in my limited knowledge is also termed as ‘experiences’.

God initially is a faith, later a belief, an experience at end.

So if my athiest friends say that every god man is rotten – probably its unscientific to say so since their experience set is limited and diluted to only the bad lot – please wait for your turn to go up the ladder – you may not like it or NOT like to do so but thats what nature and life is all about!!


10 Responses to God men and Unholy nexus.

  1. Ankur says:

    “1 Gramme is NOT 1 gramme everywhere on this earth- The gravity, humidity, heat among many things change this standard to less or more.”
    gramme is a unit of mass.
    Hence gravity will have no effect. (you are confused with weight)
    if the material does not absorb moisture/rust humidity also will not effect.
    heat will change the dimensions of the substance, but it will not alter the mass.

  2. bachodi says:

    I agree with ankur. Whenevr they define gramme/time/frequency etc (any scientific stuff) they define it with all conditions which may effect its definition.

    About the definition of GOD, i would put it as “GOD initially is bed time story, later assumptions”

  3. bachodi says:

    If you consider me in “So if my athiest friends say..” . I still stand the same view.
    99% GODmen are rotten. the rest of them are hallucinating

  4. Ankur,
    Pls check with Gold if you are not sure, Its weight is not uniform accross cities and continents – foget the quality and hallmarking business.

    Bachodi sir,
    Thank God you are my atheist friend still 🙂 . I respect your right to be wrong too!!

  5. Prasanna Sastry says:

    I think Bachodi got influenced by Prathibha Thai. That is why he is using the noun “Hallucinating” .

    Mohan avare you are right many of the times educated fall prey to it.

  6. sree says:

    Hello Mohan…
    So if my athiest friends say that every god man //
    Why do u assume that people who are against godmen are athiest?
    Just bcos I do not like an agent between God me , it does not make me against God , rt?

    About the weight…I am not a science student , but I am sure its very much within scientific purview . Anything that can be explained with logic. Science very much says weight differs from place to place but the mass of the body is the same everywhere.
    Infact there is a machine that can give one’s weight in the moon ,open to public in the Smithsonian.

    Mohan! There could be some Rishis and Sages , tucked away in some mountains and jungles who are serious about their pursuit of ‘Nirvana’ . We are not concerned with them…its only the self-professed , stale rotten tomatoes who claim to perform ‘miracles’ or show the path to heaven , we have no respect for.

    I repeat…there are no good tomatoes in this basket.

  7. Sree,
    Welcome to this site. Agree that one can be an athiest and do believe in god but I have some exceptional freinds to that statement 🙂

    Sorry to point out that weight of gold is not the same everywhere on world. All science says is it does vary because of many parameters but precise PHd on that is not yet done!

    Ok – if tomatoes refer to show miracle man – agree with you 100%.

    Thanks for your comments and views. Do revisit again.


  8. Srik says:

    Yes. God man is one who seeks and professes God, not the one who thinks he is, in literal terms.

  9. Srik says:

    There are many real Godmen that I know, and there are some men who call themselves as God, I’ve seen them too.’

  10. Srik,
    Some great man have seen god in everybody, everything including themselves – so they are just great…

    There are some fake folks who make money in the name of god – they are the root cause we have sayings in kannada like “devuru kottru pujari kodallilla…” alwe

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