Mobile madness

As the days progress, mobiles which are indespensable part of any urbanites artillary is causing problems too.

RTO is attempting to cancel licences of those driving on mobiles as per their analysis this is the top reason for accidents. This is limited to 2nd or 3rd offences.

Police captured a gang of mobile thieves who used romantic couples secluded corner of the park to loot them off their mobiles itself!! Neither the boy nor girl reported the issue to police fearing exposure of love affair and by mistake police caught up the gang.

Just yesterday there was a TV9 presentation on how people are fearing to take calls on mobile from specific mobile numbers belonging to Airtel and Reliance fearing physical harm! Some genius in the rural landscape had spread the word that 27 people had died after recieveing calls from those numbers – symptom is that the mobiles screen will turn red and the reciever will have brain hemorrhage!!!

While I was chuckling away at ignorance, another channel had a different mobile story to tell. This was about cloning your SIM card onto another phone. The other party could stealthly listen to your calls, even make calls without your knowledge!! The demonstrated a software which allows duplication of SIM. If this happens without users knowledge, your privy talks are no more private but mobile to the intruder.

Thankfully such happenings are very low and limited in India.


11 Responses to Mobile madness

  1. Prashanth M says:

    Messed up with href tag 😐
    – here is the link

  2. by mistake they(police) caught the theives!!! LOL…

    There are some scary things happening, and since mobiles have become important parts of our lives today, we might just ignore and continue using….lage raho!!

  3. Cuckoo says:

    Yeah, I also read that. It’s scary if it is all really happening.

  4. rk says:

    my colleague told me abt that 27 people, red screen rumour 2 days back. felt strange.
    got a couple of related links:

    Bane of mobile phones

    Do not use cell phone while driving


  5. Prashanth,
    Thanks – he has grown up with nastier ideas just by thinking now.

    Use it sparingly like the sugar/kerosene given in PDS.

    Except 27 people dying rest are all true!

    Nice links. thanks.

  6. neela says:

    mobIlu nalle ideyalla…I lu andre madness.
    the crazy rumours about it exploding have reached my domestic help’s ears. She loves such sensational news. She transmits them by adding her own yarns.

  7. Neela,
    In one fun game, all participents are made to sit in a circle. The leader takes one of the people in circle away from ear shot of all and wisphers a secret message. This needs to be passed from one to another in circle away.

    Its fun to understand the oritinal message and the final message after one circle completes the excercies. This was used to demonstrate how difficult communication is. The problem as you say is people add their perspectives and only want to understand from that stand point of view.


  8. neela says:

    Mohanji, My friend participated in a communication skills workshop which was held in the summer break.
    Now if one has to sacrifice one’s precious holidays one can get quite bitter about it.She was taken aside by the resource person and told to start such a whispering game. She is a very smart woman. She whispered into the nearby ear: Tomorrow is a holiday. No need to attend this workshop.
    This message reached the resource person’s ear perfectly at the end of the ‘game’.No marks to guess how the RP’s face looked then.Her planned objectives had fallen flat.

  9. bachodi says:

    “brain hemorrhage” LOL .. 😉
    kurigaLu saar kurigaLu

  10. Bachodi,
    Yes sir – people believe and spread all kinds of nonsence thats why simple education upto highschool atleast is required.

    Am laughing still holding my stomach to think of that fortunate/unfortunage incident. you are right, people in their excitment of important / expected news – hold on to it even after its proved to be wrong sometimes. Humans/mind is a great learner!! Thanks for sharing this.

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