Laugh it out … 11

Sardar was flying for the first time and quite exited about it but the Airhostess who had answered and served him on the flight was quite irritated. The captain announced that they are flying over the ‘equator’, sardar peered over the shoulder of the fellow passenger and could not see equator.

He took out his brand new duplicate zeiss-carl binoculars from Delhi’s chore market and tried to find it again.

He was confirmed, that he coudn’t see the equator and called the airhostess and explained “There is no equator“.

Smiling she said ‘sirji look once more’ and plucked a hair from his beard and put it in front of the binocular lens and asked “now do you see it?”.

The over exited sardarji said “Yes yes.. I can even see 2 camels going on equator!”. Actually they were lice from his beard.


2 Responses to Laugh it out … 11

  1. Cuckoo says:

    The moment I read camels, I knew it !! Nice one !

  2. Cuckoo,
    Thanks – its a old one from my high school days.

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