Kids n Project work

I only realized into the 3rd week of school, why parents dread the central syllabus apart from the glamour attached with it. Since my juniors school had “done” away with the state syllabus and discreet inquiries revealed that “who will keep changing the tune as and when the state politician decides what should be the language of instruction?”, I agreed to that logic otherwise try explaining simple math’s to the kid in kannada rather than English and vice versa alternative months!!!

Trouble did not start abruptly but rather built up like the revolutions of a BMTC bus. First it was get bhindis of this size and color – no issues, it was resolved in 4 trips to the local bangle stores – 2 by me and 2 by grandmother. That shop owner had to nearly display “out of stock” board after the 9th kid visiting his shop for similar merchandise. Understand he has signed a MOU with a African country for importing the same!

The next week made him to colour a house neatly created by joining some dots. You may ask what’s the problem – the problem is that junior needs to buy 24 shades of a particular branded pencil to do that. While better half insists that it has to be X brand as its durable, only I understand the cost of that set… I didn’t even spend that type of money for my collage days. What the heck…

Last weekend was the nerve test for me. The project work had to have the group photograph of family, a friends photograph solo and with Junior.

Whom so ever was the author of that book, would be very old fashioned or lived in villages where at least 2 generations of people lived, saw, smoked and fight each other on daily basis. Thankfully we had the generation around but getting them for a full dress rehearsed photo was too much. As usual I decided to cut cost by clicking the digital image and printing the same.

So finally after the photo session, it was the turn of the studio owner to slacken my bulging pockets full of 10 Rs notes. He said 1 photo can’t be printed, it’s a package deal of 4 Passport size and 4-stamp size. Take it or leave it!!! Just before asking for stamp size, I gulped and paid the money.

Hearing this, my friend who is a lucky fellow with no issues despite 4 years of happy marriage commented – “future is tense”, tell me the pastense of this English sentence?

I know, studies don’t mean just homework’s for kids anymore, its hard work for the parents including a mini World Bank loan!! Am thinking of starting a stationary shop…any investors?


5 Responses to Kids n Project work

  1. Prashanth M says:

    Once you stat the shop, go public.. I’ll buy the IPO.. that too only if the shop is just next to a school… :p

    I still remember how much I paid as fee during my +2 – it was just Rs. 105/- 🙂

  2. Vijay says:

    I will co-invest if the shop is near a school.. I have spent a FORTUNE on Pencils (now pens), Erasers etc… I think this shopkeeper near my son’s school has probably funded his new Kinetic with that money !!!!

    Plus how come teachers only ask you to bring things that are NOT available at your nearest store?????

  3. Prashanth, Vijay,
    IPO – man thats a long way to go!! But shows how experienced you guys are to recognized the potential at tiny cap level itself!

  4. neela says:

    naanu hangaadre stationery things use maadade iruva project kodteeni!!
    such as : bring the twelfth Laugh it out post before it is published,
    bring castor oil free sweets as gurukaanike…

  5. Neela,
    That is a mandatory hippocratus oath we need to give all text book writers. 😦 I never distributed castor oil made sweets in school

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