The Taj Mahal Hoax

This hoax is much bigger than what even David Blaine or our own Sorcar can conjuer up!!

Its about getting money from customers by telephone companies in the name of nationality. An independent body (read private) is clearly trying to figure out whats the wonders of the world and its rank – it has officialy nothing to do with UNESCO which has disowened the same.

The catch is in the companies saying 3 Rs per SMS, we are short of 30 crore votes for Taj Mahal. Prey in that case why are you bothered about a private listing? The answer lies in the revenue that comes the telephone company way.

As usual the common man pays 3 Rs while the company profits and pockets the proceeds – one question to you is if the telephone companies are too worried about the national image, why dont you waive that 3 Rs stupid?


9 Responses to The Taj Mahal Hoax

  1. I second the thoughts. So, I abstained from voting thru SMSs.

    Catch here had been You can send n’ number of SMSs! What nonsense.
    I voted at their web-site. They allowed me vote only once, but have stated there that if I buy their 7 wonders package, only then will I be able to vote n’ number of times.

    This outrightly proves their motive.

    07.07.07 is a prank, and all the TV channels are a part of it.

  2. neela says:

    They make ‘devices/utilities’ and create artificial hunger in the minds of the consumer so that ‘they’ can consume us fully.
    Cheats.I didn’t vote. Wonder how much Rehman charged…

  3. And that competition has ended a long long time back. Maybe they should pay every consumer in India and increase their talktime by Rs. 3? 🙂

  4. silkboard says:

    Exactly. Why not waive that 3rs charge if you really really care.

    I find this whole thing so stupid. Who said there can only be seven wonders? Who is this body gathering all these votes. And even then, what is this mod democracy way of picking the so called “seven wonders”. This way, all the wonders would someday be in China or India, you just have to wait.

  5. Vijay says:

    By the way, I dont know how many of you viewed the celebrity endorsements.. my favorite was Katrina Kaif who said “The Taj Mahal has been around for many years to come” .. 🙂

  6. Vijay,
    Celebrities better have a script before opening their mouths has been validated again!

    I liked that conclusion that if its based on votes, all wonders will be only in India and china!

    Srik, Black king,neela,
    Thanks for support.

  7. bachodi says:

    I am sure its HUTCH .. right ?
    Hutchidde talege inta idea barodu

  8. Bachodi,
    Allmost all the companies were in fray but your explanation of hutch is just worty a great laugh. BTW, UNESCO suddenly has woken up and expressed its anguish on the way thigns were voted and vetoed!!

  9. neela says:

    I too agree with silkboard.

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