Laugh it out 10

There was this tiger in a zoo who wanted to enjoy the freedom. He planned his escape well and jumped the mote in darkness. He jumped into the cargo wagon and reached Bangalore by midnight and made his escape. He was awestruck by Bangalore by night and took shelter under the stairs of Vidhana Soudha.

By day break, the noise outside was so scary and traffic which was totaly new to the tiger made him freeze in fear. But rumble in the tummy made him eager to come out of hiding. He just waited for evening and caught hold of a politician and ate him up and returned to his newfound home and slept.

This routine without much problem went on till one day he made the mistake of eating the boy who supplied coffee/tea to vidhana soudha.

All hell broke loose when it was found out that there was no coffee/tea.There was a haunt launched for the missing boy and with the help of dogs, the police located the killer tiger and captured it.


9 Responses to Laugh it out 10

  1. Prashanth M says:

    ha ha good one… another version of man-eaters, managers & developers 🙂

  2. Yes, I have heard the manager story 😉

    This is a stomache twister!!

  3. Cuckoo says:

    Ha Ha… good one !

  4. Now, why exactly did we not hear about the good news while the politicians were being eaten up?

  5. greatunknown says:

    Hahaha… superb!

  6. neel3 says:

    suppose the dogs had shared the spoils of the kill …would they have still helped track the tiger??? 😉

  7. bachodi says:

    LOL good one .. never heard of this one ..

    did you write it saar ?

  8. bachodi,
    Nopes… heard from some cousine of mine.

    That is the diabolical mind of a politician at work OR a over hassled upright citizen in thinking!!!

    The Black king,
    Its a boon – the politicians multiply fast despite removal from one end and there were truckloads more to be eatan – if news was given beforehand, there would be uproar over humble people being eatan!!!

  9. neela says:

    hangulla sir, naaNyada eradoo mukha nodo manassagittu…

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