The Swizz bank of India

Its allways been the dream of every corrupt Government babu, the business man, Film stars, Sport stars ( created and actuals), media barons, liqour barons et all.

The needed to have a safe (pun intended) heaven where they could store the ill gotten money such that no legal entity could touch it. Just think how much Sir Osama would be laughing away in a secret named account?

We got introduced to this LOTUS and MONTBLANC accounts – thanks to Bofors mishandling of the deal. Stupid guys flunked the secret parlyes and left a trail that even a street dog mascuarding as a police dog could pick up and the general Janta like us got to know about the swiss rules.

It has allways been my dream to find such a heaven without travelling to switzerland, france or even some islands. Help came from the most unexpected quarter – my small savings agent who was chatting with me blurted out the secret.

The Government Post Office is the local swizz brand. Just take a time deposit just like a fixed deposit of any bank and you are offered returns except you need to hide the physical certificates elsewhere.

I was floored – the agent went on to say – sir there is not Tax deduction at source, No questions about photographs for opening account, No limits of money that can be slashed, No PAN number what more do you need?

I blurted remembering the KISAN VIKAS patra muddle created by Ms Gandhi who said anybody can deposit but show source of income while withdrawing which saw the end of the scheme.

The Agent laughed. Sir, are the politicians fools, when they have slashed excess amount in post offices, why would they harm themselves by such laws?

That statement opened my eyes and am looking out for the nearest post office…


7 Responses to The Swizz bank of India

  1. rk says:

    in my school days, had a friend whose father was a distillery owner (my friend has inherited the legacy now). as years rolled by, heard rumours that the family kept ‘rokka’ in swiss bank.
    my friend later got married and first wife commited suicide by hanging herself to a ceiling fan. he married again and has become more richer and fatter.

    according to mythology, in india it is believed that only ‘kall baddi makkale’ swiss bankalli duddu idodhu. 😉

  2. Ankur says:

    yups what ur agent says is absolutely true.. KVP certificates is as good as cash… no trail

  3. RK,
    Kali baddi makkale means those who earn and live money using excessive interest collection from money lending…… probably that is an outdated group.

    Yes,your friend is prime suspect for the swiss angle!!

    Yes – absolutely but post office time deposits give you that extra milage compared to older KVP…

  4. Something comes in future, as the postal department is a public sector one!

  5. Srik,
    Coudnt quiet figure out what you were trying to say!

  6. bachodi says:

    May be they forgot to revert it back. One day there will be limit.
    So I feel burying black money under bedroom cot is better idea.

  7. Bachodi,
    Lol – hidden under cot!!!. Just 5 years back the leading comidean of tamil industry exactly had the same idea – he charges by houraly basis for his performence and had so much money, IT guys had to dismantal all his furniture and fittings to arrive at final figures!!

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