Kids n Gifts

Junior is studying in 1st standard. He just came home flashing a couple of chocolates from school. On questioning he said – Happy birthday. Little pestering from me to find out who’s birthday returned a blank answer – Dont know!!

For this – the parents ensure all the kids in the class get a couple of chocolates. Not to stop here, some of them give gifts like pencil, rubber, scale, notebook. The child is left with an impression that he/she too has to give a gift in return – puts back pressure on the parents – not all of them can afford that but how will the kid understand this?

I think the teachers have to explain and put a full stop to this. One positive thing in the whole issue is the kid learns to GIVE rather than TAKE or GRAB – something important for ones personal development.


15 Responses to Kids n Gifts

  1. Vijay says:

    Agree with you.. I have no issues with sweets, its that “other gift” that I have an issue with… especially when it gets into a one-upmanship battle between the parents…

    Last year a friend of mine was telling me this story where the parents had Pizza Hut deliver tiny Pizza boxes to EACH kid in the class.. and the teachers…

  2. rk says:

    thanks for highlighting an important issue.
    given a chance (and if i could go back in time), i want to give a piece of my mind to whoever started this giving gifts to everyone who attended a b-day or a party.

  3. Mysorean says:

    “Giving” is a good thing to learn. But giving what? Such trivial stuff just to establish that I have more money than you. Ah! Kids ought to realise that, but it’s our duty to tell the kids the “right” from the “not-so-right”. We can’t call it wrong because maybe we are unnecessarily doubting the intentions of the others who “give”. (Even I have made the mistake in this comment) Sometimes, some people have different ways of showing happiness maybe “give”ing pencils and other stuff (famously called ‘return gifts’) is one of them.
    At a personal level, I wouldn’t want to put my kids through this.

  4. Vani says:

    Uff….yeah, there is that stupid concept of “return gifts” which haunts parents at every birthday…..and it has to be something unique…..and most of the times, budget skyrockets just because of this……..wonder who is that smart brain who introduced this…

  5. Prasanna Sastry says:

    Double Income One Child, Deep Pockets, Bank Balances running into Millions and many factors we can quote here for this kind of behaviour.

    I faced a same situation here last Saturday when i went to drop my daughter to pre-nursery a couple had spent atleast 20K(approx) to celebrate their Son’s B’day among others in School.

    When found out came to know that Both were earning their salaries in Millions and Used to leave their child between 8am to 8pm. So didnt have time to decorate their house and chose to carry out this event at school . The gifts that they distributed must be atleast close to Rs.150 to Rs.200.

    My maneavaru is behind me that we shud also do the same way !!!!!!!!!

  6. Cuckoo says:

    Yes, it has become an issue now. All parents are in the mad race to show how much they love their kids.

    Fortunately I studied in a school where these gifts were strictly prohibited, not even 2 toffees. Just a birthday song used to sung by all classmates.

    I guess the principal has to see this point. Some parents will always vouch for the practice but principal has the upper hand.

  7. This might be something you will want to bring up on the Parents & Teachers meeting. But yes, someone will have to bell the cat!

  8. some body says:


    i think this practice is called “aping the west.” the only reason i say this is because this (gifts, return gifts etc) is a tenured habit – at least in the usa.


    westward, ho (ho ho), young man, if you want to share that piece of your mind.

    – s.b.

  9. Vijay,
    Pizza hut hurts the kids in 2 ways – one by the gift mania,second by the junk food!!

    My sentiments too….

    Welcome to this site. Obviously wishing from heart or a harmless / inexpensive deed like donating on that day would help but showing off which affects the kids mentality is the concern here.

    As somebody says – its the friendly neighbourhood western culture. Thank the MNC who are into these businesses.

    Sastry sir,
    My point has been validated if the kids mom too wants to have the binge!!!

    Cuckoo,The black king
    I think you have a very practical advice there… will attempt it.

    Some body,
    Yes, you have nailed the problem there!!

  10. decemberstud says:

    SB pretty much said what I wanted to. The Hallmark creation of gifting anything and everything. I go to a birthday party and carry gifts not only to the child whose birthday it is, but also to all the siblings. In return they child’s parents give gifts to every child who attended the party. What a nuisance really!!!

    I guess nothing beats Christmas gifting in USA though. You need to get something for you, parents, grand parents, siblings, cousins, father’s cousins, mother’s cousins…and double that if you are married. That’s why Dec 26th is the gift return day. Most of the gifts which are given are crappy anyway, so bulk of junta decide to return them and get something ‘better’.

    Oh well, at the end of the day the goal is to spend a LOT of money, and that is achieved quite well.

  11. decemberstud,
    your last para summrized very effectively that activity itself!!

  12. kalyan says:

    I have seen lot of schools are stopping these practices now. They print in the guidelines about not bringing any food or gifts in birthdays or other occasions. Yes this is a real menace which should stop immediately everywhere.

  13. Kalyan,
    thanks for the support. Pls bring it up in parents/teacher meetings if possible is a workable solution from some readers.

  14. bachodi says:

    I remember there was a girl in my class, and every one was fan of her – only reason is she distributed two chocolates on her birthday and bEst friends get 3 of them.

  15. Bachodi,
    Right – these are stuff that makes friends and memories too last long!!!

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