Its raining borewells…

Oops you are right.

If it rains cats and dogs elsewhere, in my part of Bangalore its raining borewells all the way. The background for this seem to be in the order passed by BBMP regarding new borewells. They can not be drilled without written permission of BBMP and all land mafia goons beleive this would devalue their lands – however illegitimate their aquisition be.

The current scenario is, every site owner drills the hole and closes it. Upon sucessfull deal of this – the seller will price higher by 75,000 rupees as it has already got a borewell dug as per vastu!!!

What an intelligent way to circumvent the rule? Think mother earth is a fool to get circumvented – the poor owners who buy and build castles in air beforehand, will be in for a rude shock – none of the borewells will have water – worse – they are all poisioneed by dreaded E-coli or is heavily contaminated.

So there is a rat race even for that contaminated water ….. who knows? You may be starting a water tanker facitlity to sell this liquid gold!


8 Responses to Its raining borewells…

  1. There seems to be an unholy tie up between the two parties at the expense of “Sri samanya” 😦

  2. Chitra says:

    No wonder! There have been quite a few borewells in this corner of Bangalore too. Did not know this little piece of info! Thanks!

    PS: About your comment on my blog, I am not sure I understand. We have already returned and are here for the last 8+ months!!

  3. rk says:

    last week, an apartment opp. ours tried digging one and wasted close to Rs.70,000 as they found no H2O. road bharthi dhoolu-shabdha sakkatthagi yebbsadru.

    this line from upendra’s number is apt on this occasion: (instead of years, make it meters)
    Danger, 15-20 Danger…

  4. You know, one of these days opening a freshwater spring/mineral water shop in Bangalore will be a good business idea.

  5. Srik,
    On the onset it looks like it but the buyer ultimately is the “srisamanya” !!! The Govt has made the good rule to ensure the depleting ground water reserves dont become zero but in classic india it has become counter productive!!

    Now you mention it – I have more agony when an apartment comes up – they dig 4 borewells minimum and ensure all the wells around are dried. This is wastefully used to water lawn, fill swimming pools and washing cars, dogs…. grrr when humans are deprived of drinking water -these apartmenets guzzle it out by paying money.

    The black king,
    You are bang right. A recent statstics showed the hottest selling bottled drink is not pepsi or cola or maaza but mineral water – the next shocking news is that near 60% of those water are adultrated and defeats the very purpose of buying it in first place.

    I remember Dr Raj kumar who drank from river cauvery even though it was muddy when he went there for a shoot saying – mother allways preseves but plastic water kills – how true!!!

  6. mouna says:

    what a title, amazing!
    the habit has increased over the recent past. contaminated water from an ever-sinking water-table, do we really want this?

  7. Prasanna Sastry says:

    Mohan avare,

    In hyd due to deficit of water you can see many people going to the depth of upto 250-300 feet to get water. Resultant during the rainy season its been found out that many of the locations where the Septic tanks have been fixed the water is found mixing with the borewell water resulting in ………………………

    Yella kaDe kaLLaru Narayana bandru Bhoomi na kapaDodikke sadhyavilla.

  8. Mouna,
    Nice to hear that you liked the title but this rule was supposed to exactly conserve the water table but where will our Indians stop at? Greed in every aspect is the doom of man kind.

    Sastry sir,
    100% true words!!

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