Rain rain Go away come again some other day

This seems to be the mantra for Bangalorians off late… seeing the dark skies on the horizon,

If you are resident, water rushes into houses and makes life miserable and takes away a few lives too.

If you are a commuter – pedestrain, motor vehicle then too you would be washed away in sudden floods, fall into BWSSB man holes..

If you are a consumer – Vegetables, flowers cost touch new highes as they are already in the sky…

If you are a motor insurance Agent – You jump in joy and glee as the company increases the premium year over year, your commission gets plummer year over year…

Rain rain please go away to catchment areas so that we can cleanse our internal systems from all sins through out the year!


7 Responses to Rain rain Go away come again some other day

  1. neel3 says:

    I have become a typical Goan…
    whatever the amount of rainfall Goa receives a true Goan is never satisfied.
    So I too say..”goa’s rains were much heavier in those days..”
    Barkha raani jara jumke baraso..

  2. Cuckoo says:

    In spite of these so called problems which I myself face daily (you know how mumbai rains are) , I love rains very much.

    Rimzhim Gire sawan, .. not gonna sing here on your blog. 😛

  3. greatunknown says:

    Errr… I love the rainy season despite the dismal (yet true) scenario you’ve painted here:)

  4. kalyan says:

    Inspite of all the problems during the rains, do we not love rains from our heart.
    As also rainy days means some days off much needed break to sit back at our homes…A nice collection there!

  5. bachodi says:

    Even i love rain … Whatever problem it brings. It is much better than summer

  6. Cuckoo, Kalyan, Bachodi, Anand
    Absolutely rains have inspired the children in many people, not to talk about local shakespheres and kalidasas!! My only agony was practical nuiesence faced by urban dwellers and rural in excess rains!!! The tragedy we are seeing unfolding from Pakistan to Kerala is the types we dont want otherwise – you are welcome life line.

  7. Prashanth M says:

    Its just clouds.. no rain yet… even in my native also.. 😦

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